Helping Someone With Depression - 3 Tips

Depression is incredibly self-destructive, and it can be really tough to see someone you care about suffering with this condition. The writer of this article has experienced depression over many years, and is therefore in a good position to be able to advise the best steps to take if you want to help someone you know who suffers with depression. Of course, one of the most important things is to recognise the depression in the person you care about.

Are You Feeling Ashamed About Feeling Ashamed?

Yikes! How does one win? But what does "ashamed" really mean? Let's go to the dictionary... 1. Feeling shame or guilt: Are you ashamed for having lied? 2. Feeling inferior, inadequate, or embarrassed: Ashamed of my torn coat. 3. Reluctant through fear of humiliation or shame: Ashamed to ask for help. Well, that explains that, after all, who want to feel any of that?

Learn More About Natural Methods to Cure Your Depression

Self medication may not be a problem if you are determined to treat cough or flu. It becomes a problem when you are frequently consuming medication to handle anxiety and panic attack. Mass produced pills for anxiety or panic attack can be obtain easily, but it comes with side effect as well. To treat anxiety, the best way is go for natural remedies that are safe to obtain and have minimal side effect.

How to Beat the Winter Blues Today

If you don't look forward to winter because of how it makes you feel, there is hope. There are many things you can do that will help you kick the depression and get back to enjoying your life. Clinical Depression : If you suffer from depression all of the time, it can be made worse during winter. This problem is not caused by a character flaw, it's an imbalance of hormones in the brain.

Evidence Grows Against Medication for Teen Depression

Mental depression, despite enormous efforts and research, is yet to be fully understood and effectively treated. Currently, the mental health field possesses advanced means to effectively address mental depression with both medication and psychotherapy. In spite of this, the number of new cases being diagnosed each year continues to increase at a high rate, especially among the younger population, where the over-riding emphasis is on pills instead of counseling.

Depression: A Comparison Between Men and Women

Men and women share similarities when it comes to the causes and symptom of depression, but there are still nuanced differences between the two. Appreciating these similarities and differences is not only important for the treatment outcome of each sex, but also in understanding and appreciating depression in the opposite sex and between spouses.

Future of Depression Treatment - What Lies Ahead?

Today I'm looking into the future of depression, and so far it doesn't look that good. Depression will become a second major cause of all deaths after a heart disease by 2020, according to the World Health Organization (WHO) prognosis. These days depression affects all ages -toddlers, teenagers, young generation, middle-aged people and our elders.

Prejudice Against Depression

Since the dawn of time mental illness was surrounded by myths and prejudice. People suffering from different disorders were separated from the rest of the society, believed to be speaking with Gods or cursed by them, or seeing the future, or were being locked away like some shameful secret. The fact is, depression is an old affection and our present attitude to it is coloured by time, which doesn't help to battle this problem.

Atypical Depression and Food

Atypical depression characterized by weight gain, heavy limbs, tiredness, grogginess and sensitivity to rejection is more common than we think. More people under 30 seem to have it, especially teenagers, and a lot of it has to do with what we eat. There are few vitamins and minerals that help to eliminate the symptoms of atypical depression. First of all, research shows that people eating plenty of fish suffer from depression much less.

Enter Depression

Who enters into depression and how: Anybody can enter into depression, even animals and birds enter into depression. Every active mind is a possible victim for a depressed experience. Each of us reacts to depression in a different manner due to individual's personal experience and way of upbringing. Individual's behavior consists of two types, the inherited driven by survival instinct and the acquired through living experience which originates from childhood upbringing.

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