Depression - Key Points

The thing about depression is that the behaviour it produces can be very unsavoury and if the people around the depressive do not understand it it can be difficult all round for all concerned. Managing depression is no mean feat. Depressives can be curt, rude, aggressive or avoid people all of which can be quite hurtful. But it must be understood that it is not a depressive's will on the whole to hurt people, it is usually just a desire to be left alone whilst the grey cloud is hanging over their world, speaking from experience.

Postpartum Depression and an Unbelievably Easy Way to Cure It

Congratulations! You've just had a baby; this is easily one of the happiest times in any women's life, except why are you so sad? Here's the reason behind postpartum depression, and a simple way to cure it. Postpartum (after birth), it's said that almost 80% of women experience mood disorders, such as feeling unloved, alone, afraid and most of all guilty for having these feelings.

Meds for Depression and the Little Known Secret That Could Change Your Life, For the Worse

Are you suffering from depression? Well you're definitely not alone; 90 million Americans are suffering the same ailment, most will actually cure it themselves. But how? Are they taking meds for depression or is there another more effective way? You've heard of them before: Paxil, Prozac, and Zoloft. The list goes on like an alphabet, and the multi-million dollar pharmaceutical companies would have you believe that these so-called anti-depressants are a cure-all for your worries.

Natural Depression Cure: A Few Options To Consider

Many individuals are in search for a natural depression cure. Despite the fact that advancements in pharmacology have led to several different medications for treating this particular disorder, these may often fall short. As a matter of fact, these drugs are often associated with numerous side effects and finding the right one can involve a lot of trial and error.

How to Survive Christmas in Depression?

For people with depression Christmas period can be especially daunting. We are expected to be happy, share enormous amounts of gifts, love" thy family, in-laws and friends", and be grateful for what we have. Depression usually makes us feel as such a let down, and Christmas only accentuate this feeling of worthlessness. Add some stress of trying to socialize with unpleasant family members or buying an appropriate present for everyone.

Depression - An Alternative Overview

Depression can be a serious illness and is one of the most common mental health challenges, with about 20 percent of people experiencing depression at some point in their lives. Of course, there is a difference between feeling low one day and feeling low every day. We all experience sadness at some point, usually when there is a good reason for us to feel sad.

Options For Dealing With Depression

For some people, day to day happiness seems to come easily. Life seems to be great every day. It's not that hard times or difficulties don't come their way. It just seems to bounce off them with relative ease. But for people with depression, life feels gray. Nothing seems to work out for them. Getting up and getting dressed seems to be difficult and facing the day seems to be even harder.

Powerful James Allen As A Man Thinketh Quotes

Some As A Man Thinketh quotes by James Allen can save you money and suffering. Many of his quotes are deceptively simple but have a powerful effect when put into practice. There is one that comes to mind every time I see an ad for antidepressants "There is no physician like cheerful thought for dissipation the ills of the body." What a silly idea you may say but it is true.

Drugs for Depression and What Pharmaceutical Companies Don't Want You to Know

Are you suffering from depression and wondering about the quickest fix for it? Perhaps you're even already thinking about taking drugs for depression? Before you do, take the time to find out below a dirty little secret that the pharmaceutical companies don't want you knowing. First off, just how do these antidepressants work to alleviate the symptoms of depression?

Are You Feeling SAD? Winter Blues Settled in for a Visit?

Have the winter blues descended? Feeling fat and lazy with no interest in work, activities or friends? You may be suffering from seasonal affective disorder or SAD. This is a form of depression that occurs in relation to the seasons and is most common in the winter. Symptoms include decreased energy, lack of interest in work, activities or friends, increased appetite, craving carbohydrates, weight gain, increased sleep and afternoon drowsiness, a withdrawal from social activities and lethargy.

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