How to Self-Help With Depression?

Depression is the most unpleasant experience. To be depressed means to be emotionally imbalanced. Besides feeling sad and unhappy, you may also feel other symptoms, such as you may have oppressive feelings, feelings of constant guilt or even: Feeling inadequate Having loss of interest Having lack of energy Sleep disturbance (insomnia) Anxiety Lack of sexual drive There are many reasons to get imbalanced and depressed.

5 Basic Treatments for Depression

When we speak of depression and its treatments, we must first recognise that there is more than one type of depression, and that each of them may have a different treatment to alleviate the symptoms and possible cure. Reactive depression is the result of a major life event, where the person physically and psychologically reacts to in an extreme way.

Natural Depression Cures - Finding the Best Holistic Cures For Depression

Depression must be treated with caution, even though it is the simplest mental illness. It can lead the patient to neurosis, psychosis, or schizophrenia. The scientific method of dream interpretation discovered by the psychiatrist Carl Jung offers the best holistic cure for depression. However, his method is too complicated and time consuming. First of all, the patient must pay attention to the meaning of his/her dreams and write them down.

Jobless, Depressed and Forgotten

Few days ago I read one article, which shocked and saddened me. Did you know that apart from 14.5 million Americans suffering from the unemployment, there are another 5 millions that simply gave up their job search months ago? And they are not entered in any statistics apart from a vague mention of "discouraged workers". Appalling, isn't it? Bureau of Labour Statistics says that by January 2011 employment rose in manufacturing and retail, but fell in transportation, warehousing and construction, the rest of the industries stayed unchanged.

If Buddha Got the Blues: Depression and the 4 Noble Truths

"Ugh." He groans, turning away from the screeching alarm clock, and pulls the blanket higher over his head. Mired in fog, he drops in and out of fitful sleeping, too incoherent to punch the snooze button. The distance between the bed and the alarm is a castaway's hopeless space between shore and passing ship. It all seems like too much--the alarm clock, bathing, making breakfast, and the trudge to work.

Tips for Talking to Someone Who May Be Depressed

To talk to depressed people must be done softly. Do not tell them that there is no reason to feel depressed. They will not listen. Actually, they cannot listen. Their mind is taken by their depression. Try to ask whether the shining sun makes them feel better. The approach should always be a positive one. Do not talk about depression. You better talk about your cat rather than about their depression.

Finding Hope In A Hopeless Depression

One of the worst depressions a person can suffer is that of feeling hopeless. When you feel your situation is never going to improve, that you are trapped forever in it, you will most likely slip into a severe depression. This article is meant to, hopefully, help you find hope in what looks to be a hopeless situation. HOPELESSNESS COMES BY CLINGING TO DEAD HOPES It is important to understand why you see your situation as hopeless.

Depression And Seasonal Affective Disorder SAD

This is a psychological disorder that affects people with good mental health during winter. During the winter the affected people have occasion depression symptoms. During the rest of the seasons, these people tend to have good mental health. Seasonal affective disorder and depression have got a great connection. The only difference between SAD and depression is that the former is seasonal (the symptoms occur during a specific season) while in the latter, the symptoms and signs are present at all times.

7 Great Tips on How To Get Energy Back

Happiness gives us the energy which is the basis of health." Henri-Frйdйric Are you ready to end your denial, stop helping everyone BUT yourself AND start taking care of YOU? Are you feeling week and tired? How wonderful it would be to have the same energy you had as a child. Energy to do all the things you want to do in life and not feeling weak and tired all the time.

Depression And Suicide - 5 Important Facts

Depression and suicide have got a deep connection. Most of the patients who commit suicide are diagnosed with depression or other mental disorder such as trauma. 5 facts about the connection between depression and suicide 1. It has been proven that at least one person out of a group of 7 people suffering from depression commits suicide. A person suffering from depression can go to great lengths to ensure that they injure themselves.

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