Pets Can Help the Elderly Avoid the Need for Psychotherapy

Depression is a serious problem for the elderly. The inability to do the normal day to day activities because of their health, the death of a spouse or loved one, and isolation from friends and family can all take their toll on an elderly person's well being. Although training for therapists includes specific care for their elderly patients, it may be a better course of action to help the elderly avoid the need for psychotherapy.

Why Am I So Depressed?

Why am I depressed if everything in life seems to be going ok? Life may seem in perfect order and you may have good supportive relationships with family and friends, a good job and be financially secure, yet still find yourself asking - "Why am I so depressed". When it comes to depression external circumstances do not necessarily have a direct effect.

Seasonal Affective Disorder - Signs and Symptoms

Just about every winter months, possibly even immediately after September as well as in the course of April, approximately 6.1% in USA are influenced by Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), when it is in a number of Nordic locations, for instance Scandinavia and Iceland, this chance is strangely negligible. SAD is considered the consequence of a chemical conflict of the hypothalamus, as a consequence of not enough sunlight in the winter season, along with the shrinking time of daylight;

Overcoming Depression - Try These Simple Steps

Many people in the world suffer from depression. It can be dangerous if proper treatments are not administered on time. There are several causes for this condition. It is a condition where a person can feel very sad, have a pessimistic attitude, lose hope and feel down all the time. It is a common situation because everyone does not have the strength to overcome sorrow and loss.

Depression Help - Simple Ways Of Dealing With The Condition

Depression is one of the most common emotional problems that people suffer from. You need to identify the situation and take proper measures to treat the condition. There are different levels of depression which cause different types of symptoms in people suffering from this problem. However, there are many common symptoms like sadness, loss of hope, pessimistic attitude, loss of appetite, anxiety, feeling worthless and reduction in productivity in all these people.

Random Acts Of Kindness - The Best Drug

Depression is a complex problem that has many aspects, too many to address in one simple article. However I think I can provide some helpful insight and practices to help anyone who is suffering from depression. First, most people who suffer this, after listening to other people, and perhaps doctors have come to the conclusion that their brains are not working properly.

Depression Awareness In Children and Adolescents

Depression awareness in children and adolescents is definitely a concern for parents. According to the Center For Mental Health Services one in every 33 children may have depression and a staggering one in every 8 adolescents may have depression. Most people can recognize the symptoms of depression in adults such as sadness and loss of interest in pleasurable activities.

Facts That You Should Know About SAD Light Therapy Lamp

The probability that you are suffering form Seasonal Affective Disorder is high since you are viewing this post right here. You will be happy to learn that you can able to treat the disease using the SAD light therapy lamp. These lamps have been made in clinics and hospitals to specifically cure this problem. Their main advantage would be that they have doctor's recommendation.

Why You Don't Mix Antidepressants and Alcohol

There are few reasons while you should avoid any alcohol while taking antidepressants. First of all, both alcohol and antidepressants affect the same brain chemicals. While alcohol can counteract your medications for depression, the antidepressants make your intoxication with alcoholic beverages twice as strong. There is a strong connection between alcoholism and depression.

The Do's Of Depression

Do you suffer from depression? Well you're not alone. Nearly everyone suffers from serious depression at some point in their life, and for many people it is common to suffer from it regularly. Depression is no fun, but don't blame yourself- do something about it! The do's: Talk it out. It has been shown that depression is greatly relieved by telling your feelings to another person.

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