Be Assertive - Take These Five Steps

Assertiveness is a very valuable possession in this modern age. This trait allows us to explore limitless possibilities and allows us to be in our optimal self. Often, problems arise due to lack of communication. Missions, projects, and governance all suffer from failure due to a lack of open communication. This is an essential aspect of communication that is typically stressed out in team buildings in order to create a better work environment and to cultivate camaraderie.

Successful Habits: Create 3 Today

Many people believe that if you do something for 21 days, it will become a part of your routine and a habit. Creating successful habits will bring success to your life. Don't panic, a successful habit can be learned. Try these tips on how to create successful habits to achieve success in your life. 1) Make a list of the areas/habits in your life you would like to change Don't worry about how you are going to change.

Vitamin Deficiencies and Depression

Because vitamin deficiencies have been associated with depression in some cases, naturopathic doctors and health practitioners will sometimes recommend using specific vitamins to address the symptoms of depression. The B vitamins have been shown to contribute to our mental and emotional well-being. Because of our body's failure to store these vitamins, we depend on the daily diet to supply the body with them.

Are You Pregnant And Depressed?

While pregnancy generally evokes overwhelming joy, it is also a stressful occasion for a lot of women. For those whose fetus is at high risk of developing malformations and various hereditary diseases, the stress is increased. Through pregnancy, physiological and hormonal changes create a totally different and sometimes uncomfortable feeling to most mothers.

Help With Depression - Feeling Depressed Is What Friends and Loved Ones Can't Understand About You

When you need help with depression, when you're feeling depressed, help seems to be the hardest thing to find. What people don't understand is that you can't simply "pull yourself together" or "snap out of it". If you could, then you wouldn't be depressed in the first place. The point is that you can't simply snap your fingers and give yourself a good talking-to.

Depression Effects - If Stress At Work Is Making Life A Misery For You And Your Loved Ones Change It

How do you spot depression effects in a work colleague? Answer: You don't. Have you ever heard anything like, "I say, old Cynthia needs to take it easy. She's heading for a bout of depression, if she's not careful." Or, "I think I detect a number of probable depression effects in you, George. Time you took a few days off to recover, old chap.

Coming Off Antidepressants - Tips For Getting Through The Electric Shocks When All Else Fails

If you've ever tried coming off antidepressants and had problems, you may well understand the "Electric Shock" syndrome, where, however low you manage to get your medication intake, you eventually get these "Zing Zing" effects in your head. Almost like sharp dizzy spells, they're quite alarming the first time you encounter them. If you've never heard of them before, you probably won't have a clue what's causing them.

Depression Disorder In Men Looking For Work

Male depression disorder is set to grow in the near future, according to psychiatrists, who say that lifestyle changes in the Western world could lead to a rise in the number of men suffering with depression. The suggestion is that the traditional roles of males and females are changing and because the source of men's self-esteem stems from their role in employment, they'll find this difficult to cope with.

Lets Talk About Depression

The word depression is very familiar. It is frequently used in general conversation and certainly in medical settings, especially mental health facilities. The common usage of it may result in vagueness, confusion and serious misunderstanding. My intention is to talk plainly about depression. As a starting point the word means to press down, to slow down, to feel sadness and apathy.

Suffering From Depression? Try Playing a Video Game

Did you know playing non-violent video games can help ease suffering from depression? Well, in a recent clinical study conducted by East Carolina University, 60 test subjects diagnosed with clinical depression were monitored for changes in symptoms and mood after playing G-rated video games. The results were nothing less than remarkable. Compared to a control group comprised of half of the sixty who did not play the games, test group participants realized a reduction in their symptoms by an average 57%.

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