How You Can Easily Defeat Your Depression

You can easily defeat your depression by paying attention to the meaning of your dreams. They contain precious messages that work like psychotherapy. You understand that these messages cure your psyche because your dreams talk about your pain. You feel relieved for understanding what is happening to you.

I transformed the complicated method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung into a simple method of dream translation. Today, you can simply learn my fast method of instant translation from images into words and immediately understand all dream messages.

The effect the meaning of dreams has on the psychology of depressed people is really impressive. Depressed people who had no courage to live get attached to the dream images, feeling that they have a superior power.

The truth is that the knowledge you acquire for knowing the meaning of dreams really gives you a superior power. You learn what exists behind the apparent image of your reality. In other words, you pay attention to various details that denounce the existence of many hidden secrets.

Everyone in our world wears a mask. This is their 'persona'; in other words, the image they present to the world, which can be totally false (and usually is). On the other hand, everything in our world is camouflaged by an invisible cover made by indifference and superficiality. Therefore, you don't see the truth when you simply look at your environment and at the people around you. You see the cover and its false reflections.

By analyzing the meaning of dreams, you understand that there is another side of reality that is not apparent. This hidden side is very real. Then, you discover why you behave the way you do, why other people behave the way they do, and a lot more. Nothing is as simple as it seems to be. You'll learn how to discover the roots of all problems, and their solutions.

Depressed people love dream interpretation because they have answers to all their questions. For example, the generous unconscious mind reminds them of their childhood in their dreams. They understand that they cannot be self-confident because they have never learned how to be free when they were young. Knowledge calms down their revolted spirit, showing them the obvious solutions they had neglected for so long.

You will find the same support all depressed people find once you master the dream language. The generous unconscious mind that produces your dreams will analyze your behavior. You'll see many dreams with dangerous adventures and trips. They reflect the fight between your human conscience and your anti-conscience, which is the wild side of your conscience. You'll learn how to eliminate your violent side so that you may become a balanced human being.

Your psychological transformation through dream therapy will have the effect of a spiritual purification. Everything that causes your depression will be analyzed in details. The real reasons why you are so depressed are not the ones you may imagine. You ignore many things. You'll have many lessons in dreams. The unconscious wisdom will help you find peace and happiness.

Some day you'll have a beautiful dream with meaningful symbols. You'll see the very bright sun-light in a scene, and finally understand the meaning of life. Then, a silent dove will arrive. Its appearance in a dream means that you'll soon have very good news. At this point, your depression will be part of the past. You'll forget all fears and become strong and self-confident.

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