Diabetes and Gum Disease - You Need to Understand How They Are Connected

While it is not quite correct to say that there is an officially recognized direct connection between these two diseases, most researchers agree that it is likely that there is. So bear in mind, that the official verdict that diabetes and gingival disease are interrelated has not come yet. However, most professionals think and act as if they are.

Dental Pain and the Importance of a Thorough Examination

Many dental visits start with a patient reporting that they think they have a cavity because they are having tooth pain. Often this turns out to be the case, but sometimes their symptom comes from a different type of problem. Most times the problem is tooth related, but it also is possible that the pain has a different point of origin. Because of the inexact nature of pain and the many possible causes, a thorough examination is usually in order.

How to Stop Fearing the Dentist

Dental anxiety is a common problem that many people have and something that is somewhat difficult to overcome. However, there are ways to help you stop fearing the dentist. It is important to overcome this fear and think rationally in order to maintain the health of your teeth. As you know, prevention is the best method for keeping your teeth healthy.

3 Super Ways to Whiten Your Teeth From Home - End the Embarrassment of Ugly Teeth Forever!

Who else wants some quick and easy ways to whiten your teeth from home? If you are anything like many of our readers, the simple truth is that you are embarrassed and humiliated by your smile, which unfortunately... leads you to smile less. Did you know that there is a good body of evidence that supports that people who smile more, are happier, healthier and even live longer?

Warning - 4 Common Habits That Are Staining Your Teeth!

Who else wants to know some common ways that people stain their teeth? Many of the most obvious ones are pretty common knowledge, but that doesn't stop many of us from doing them anyway and then regretting how our smiles look as result. Not good, right? It's true and if you simply tamp down some of these daily "don'ts" in own life, you'll find the gains you'll get in the confidence of your smile will be huge indeed.

Sore Gums at the Dentist's Office - Do You Have Gum Disease?

Trust me when I say I have been there: Every time they probe your mouth to check for pocket depth it feels like someone is driving a pin straight down to your heart. Do you know that feeling too? You see, you might think that is normal, but it really is not. If your gums are healthy, you really won't feel that kind of irritation and pain. When your gums are well, it really doesn't bother you when they poke and prod your gums.

Oral Candidiasis Treatment - What You Should Know

Oral yeast infection or Candidiasis is a disease that could bring so much stress and dilemma. Imagine how hard it is to have a mouth problem that makes eating and swallowing painful. This problem can be very frustrating because sometimes it is so hard to find an effective oral candidiasis treatment. Of course, you have to keep looking for the best treatment that will work for you.

Dental Hygienists - The Unsung Heroes of Dental Care

When it comes to fighting and preventing gum disease, dental hygienists are not only your friends but they are the unsung heroes of dental care. They are able to handle one of the two major aspects of your dental care maintenance. They take care of your professional dental cleaning needs. They help to remove built up tartar that has accumulated. This tartar is calcified plaque - and it is under this tartar that anaerobic bacteria can run rampant.

Selecting a Good Teeth Whitener

It used to be that a trip to the dentist was the only way to acquire a white set of teeth. He or she would generally use some sort of tray with a peroxide gel in it. Well, not any more. These days you have plenty of options on your hands. From the teeth whitening system you see advertised on a TV commercial, to the countless whitening products you encounter in the local drugstore.

Getting a Free Trial on the Best Tooth Whitener Product

For starters, make sure that you're brushing your teeth at least twice a day and flossing before you go to sleep. If you don't floss, food from yesterday or who knows how far back will stay in your teeth and eventually lead to plaque buildup. Not only will this discolor your teeth, but if not properly taken care of, will cause problems down the road for your gum and teeth.

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