The Easy Way to a Brighter Smile

Over the years, all of our smiles lose a little of their brilliance. Coffee and teas, tobacco products, and sugary beverages take their toll on teeth and gums, and stains seem to build up over time. Going to the dentist is such a hassle though, and even a single whitening session can take up to two hours and cost hundreds of dollars. Wish there was a way, for less?

Best Tooth Whitening Products

Looking at yourself in the mirror at that reflection which has an awful set of yellowed teeth is quite a depressing experience. You remember nostalgically at this point the wonderful white teeth of childhood snapshots, and wonder wistfully, where did they go? With the passing of time in your life and the constant and continuing use of tobacco, soda pop, tea and coffee and other discolouring substances, your teeth can and will get quite badly stained.

Review on Glistening White Teeth

Hello everyone. Since I know quite a bit about the topic of teeth whitening, I felt writing an article with a teeth whitening review could possibly be of benefit to readers who are interested to know how the process of teeth whitening works. 'Glisten White' is the particular product I am going to be talking of as it is a product that is used for whitening done at home, and it is one that I would particularly recommend as a very good example of whitening gel.

The Cost of Laser Tooth Whitening and Bleaching Gel Available Over the Counter

Depending on the technique used by your dentist and the location of his dental clinic, a laser tooth whitening session could cost you from anything from $300 to $2, 000 dollars. If you consider this too expensive, you can use the option of non laser techniques, which could either be a home remedy that you can perform with a home-kit, or the services for bleaching performed at a dental office.

Tooth Whitening Side Effects

While a large number of people are increasingly interested in obtaining a sparkling smile, the practice of tooth whitening is becoming more popular. Many procedures are used from the professional to other methods like the use of products that can be purchased over the counter, and even toothpastes that perform whitening. By and large there are hardly any side effects from suffered from the practice of tooth whitening, however on the other hand there are certainly some people who are affected by the treatment.

Flossing - Variations on a Theme

My dentist once told me that I needed to floss to prevent heart disease or future pregnancy complications. (We'll come back to that.) I was skeptical and, though I managed to floss pretty consistently for a couple of months, the flossing scare soon passed. I have permanent retainers, and flossing it a pretty long process. Save my teeth, my heart and my future baby?

Teeth Whitening - What is Teeth Whitening and How to Do it on a Budget

Teeth whitening is a process by which you can hope to regain the true color of your teeth. Have not encountered a situation wherein you find that your teeth are stained in a yellow color? I'm sure you have. Let us now try and explain the true meaning of teeth whitening. The Removal Of Yellow Stains You are often habitual of eating fast food, drinking cups after cups of tea, gulping truckloads of coffee and indulging in a feast of colas.

Gingivitis - Did You Know That Some Mouthwash Can Stain Your Teeth?

When I was in Germany recently for three weeks, I was deprived of some of the tools and associated techniques that I use to keep my gums clean and healthy. Unfortunately, because I was a little too worried about it, I turned to a mouthwash that is available over-the-counter in Germany but requires a prescription in the United States. Chlorhexidine gluconate is the mouthwash I'm talking about.

Alzheimer's and Gum Disease - What Do You Know About This Relationship?

As the list of diseases possibly associated with gum disease grows, it becomes more and more imperative for individuals to focus on insuring that their oral health is not just good, but exceptional. Alzheimer's disease is among those diseases thought to have a possible link to periodontal disease. Now, I don't know how you feel, but the fact that this list of possibly related diseases continues to grow, forces me to realize that our oral health is of primary concern.

Invisalign Helps Patients Smile With Confidence - Both After and During Treatment

Metal mouth. Tin grin. Brace face. Most everyone has heard these and other negative nicknames frequently given to those wearing the conventional metal-bands-and-brackets-style of orthodontics. Toss in the strong possibility of having to don some fairly unattractive headgear, and it's no wonder many appearance-conscious individuals who might otherwise like to have their teeth straightened decide to skip orthodontic treatment altogether.

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