Six Red Hot Ways to Build Great Credit

Credit is often the first thing that lenders, banks, and even employers look at. They want to see how responsible you are in general, and the easiest way to do that is to check your credit score. If you have a low credit score and are looking to raise it, or if you are just starting out and want to build a good score from the beginning, check out the below tips.

Today's Secured Credit Card Applications

The wave of credit has overwhelmed lending institutions to the point that they are cutting back on their regular customers and turning down new people who apply for a credit card. This is not good for business but as one top executive said, "the loss suffered from customers who cannot pay their credit card bill is causing the lending companies to suffer beyond repair.

3 in 1 Credit Reports and Your Credit Score

3-in-1 reports are summaries from all three of the major reporting bureaus. They comprise the financial history collected on one individual or group in order to "report their credit worthiness" or in other words, whether or not it is estimated that they have the means and reliability to repay a new debt. These reports provide information from the three major reporting agencies.

Canadian Credit Score - How Does it Differ From a Credit Rating?

Canada and the United States share many things in common. However, there are some serious differences in how credit scoring is carried out in the two neighboring countries. Although credit scores are three digits in both Canada and the United States and range from 300 to 900, Canada has a system of credit ratings. Canada's Office of Consumer Affairs (CCOA) lists these credit ratings as follows: R0 Too new to rate;

The Benefits of Online Credit Cards

Say the words "credit card" to most people and they'll shudder briefly before launching into their own tale of woe including steep interest rates and never ending bill payments. It's a sad fact that many people don't fare well with credit cards, mainly due to poor planning with repayments. Credit cards themselves are actually incredibly useful money accounts, where banks lend you cash you don't actually have on the promise that you'll pay them back.

Why You Should Repay Your Credit Card As Soon As Possible

Many of us have balances to pay off on high interest credit cards, and due to restrictions on credit for many of us switching to an interest free card is not an option. With the financial climate in the state that it is in at present, many of us that have high interest credit cards with balances on them are sticking to making the minimum repayment on the credit card.

Hidden Changes to Credit Card Balance Transfer Offers

Obviously banks and credit card companies are really feeling the economic pinch. Unfortunately, that means they are working overtime trying to find new ways to get more of our money. Banks and financial institutions have dozens of lawyers and executives sitting in dark rooms thinking up ways to increase fees and interest rates. One area they have targeted early on is balance transfers.

Credit Card Online - Instant Approval For Instant Gratification?

The internet has brought us many different advantages and made many aspects of life much easier. Getting a credit card online is one of the many conveniences we now have, but at what cost? Some people might think that there are no real bad effects or consequences of getting a credit card online. In most cases, there aren't. However, when you get approved for a credit card online, you're often given the card number and a printable confirmation that you can use online or through catalogs to shop while you wait for the card.

Credit Cards Bad Credit Style - The Truth of 'No Credit Check' Cards

There are many companies out there that work specifically with people who have bad credit. Getting credit cards from these companies can be a great way to get exactly what you need when you can't get approved anywhere else. However, there are some things that I think everyone should know when it comes to getting credit cards bad credit. When you apply for bad credit cards, the company already knows you have bad credit.

I Got a Mortgage With Bad Credit!

Its simple. You want to buy a house but unfortunately your credit scores won't allow you to do so. If your thinking about hiring someone to fix your credit for you stop for one second. 1. Do you know how close you are to qualifying for a mortgage? 2. Did you know that private mortgage investors may hold paper for you until you do qualify? 3. Does it make sense to learn how to fix your own credit if the resources are available to you?

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