Right or Wrong, Truth or Lie

Many things in our world today have concrete answers of whether something is true or false. Is a person lying or being truthful? A noun is a noun no matter what. Flowers are flowers. The river, lake, or ocean is the river, lake, or ocean. Things like this are very easy to tell if a person is being honest and knowledgeable. They are either at work or they are not.

The Barriers to Effective Listening

The Art of Reflective Communication for Life Have you ever poured your heart out to a friend wanting desperately to be understood but feeling as if you weren't heard at all? Perhaps that person gave you advice or passed judgment on the situation. How did that discussion make you feel? If you are like most people it didn't make you feel too good. In fact it may have made you feel worse.

Successful Long Term Relationships Can Be Yours

Why do marriages breakdown? Why is the divorce rate on the increase? Why isn't this relationship different from before we were married? Perhaps the most difficult thing we ever do is relationship. I don't think anyone would disagree that it is very hard work and often the problems that arise seem insurmountable. I don't have the definitive solution to fix relationship breakdown, but there are some avoidable pitfalls that do have solutions.

How To Open Up To Your Partner

When you are in a relationship, there is something special about opening up and sharing how you feel with someone. For some people this is very hard to do. It's difficult to really share what you are feeling. Find out some tips that will help make it a bit easier to open up to the one that you love. Learn to let go of past hurt and pain that you might have.

Rebuild My Broken Relationship In 5 Steps

Romantic relationships are something that we all want in our lives. Of course, in order to qualify as a desirable relationship, it must be one that meets our needs. At some point in our lives, most of us adults give up the probably-unattainable ideal of prince and princess living together happily ever after in perfect bliss. Instead, we more realistically look for someone whom we find attractive, who is supportive, and who likes us for who we are.

Advice for Your Relationships

There are thousands of books on the topic of advice for relationships. It is a topic that people pursue doctoral degrees in and spend long and fruitful careers in dispensing. So, can we address all your relationship ills in five easy steps? Absolutely. 1. The Golden Rule - Also called the Ethic of Reciprocity, every culture has a variant of this one, and there is an excellent reason for that: It is the definitive and cardinal rule of how to run every successful relationship - this is the most basic of advice for relationships.

Jealousy in Relationships, 3 Key Steps in Handling Jealousy in Relationships

Jealousy in relationships is one of those things that we just can't seem to agree on. Is it bad or good? Some people think it is bad and it should be avoided at all costs while others think that it is good and is a demonstration of how deeply you care for your partner. What do you think; is jealousy in relationships good or bad? When I ponder over it I get the feeling that jealousy is neither bad nor good.

Relationship Advice - How to Have an Argument

Planning an argument can be a very rewarding and enlightening experience in a tense relationship, as it helps to clear the air and gets thing back on an even footing again. If you are planning an exercise, whether it is an exercise in communication, negotiation or arguing, it is safest to allow only a limited time for it, such as ten minutes at first, and to make sure that you have a way of separating from each other at the end.

Smart Communication Tips For Relationship Success - Grab The Attention Of Your Listeners!

People love to talk, but often hate to listen. When it's your turn to talk, make your points quickly and in an interesting manner so that your listeners aren't likely to get bored. Then step aside and allow your listeners a chance to do their share of the talking. If you do your part well, people will naturally be more eager to converse with you again in the future.

Smart Communication Tips For Relationship Success - Learn How To Say It Well!

Many people believe that you're either born with the gift of gab or arrive into this world without it. In reality, brilliant conversationalists have developed and refined the skills of expression over the course of their entire lives. As a master communicator, you must consciously learn how to express yourself more effectively through serious study and practice with the purpose of getting better.

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