Improve Communication by Building a Relationship of Trust

Communication is critical to our success in every area of life. We often think of communicating simply as transferring information. But, it is so much more. Communication is also a transfer of feelings and emotion--a meeting of two souls. This is why two people can say the same sentence to you and have it mean two entirely different things. More than the words, what really transfers meaning is the nature of the relationship and the level of trust in that relationship.

The Win-Win, One-A-Day Bliss Booster That Can Work Wonders for Your Relationship

Remember the early days of your relationship? You and your sweetie went out of your way to express appreciation for each other-saying "thanks" for every little thing and always looking for ways to compliment and please each other. Then the novelty wore off, and you probably started to take each other for granted, right? Big mistake, since that's how distance can creep into a relationship.

How to Make Your Relationships Benefit From Good Communication

Many relationships and marriages start out well but soon fall apart due to a breakdown in communication. This article offers to readers some ways in which they can improve their communication with their partners and make their relationships last longer. There are 5 main elements to effective communication. They are as follows: 1) Respect: It is very important that both partners continue to hold mutual respect for each other throughout the relationship.

The Games We Learn To Play On The Road To Womanhood

We Are Taught From An Early Age How Girls and Boys Differ I understand that there are many other qualities that when brought together comprise what we perceive as being a real woman. At a very young age little girls have these aspects drummed into their conscious and subconscious; from the day that they start school. The lessons girls are taught, follow them throughout their formative years and on into adulthood.

How To Speak Assertively

Always strive to learn about "who you are" Your identity is important when communicating, because it will help you ascertain where you will feel vulnerable and threatened. Once you know where your identity is positioned then you can be prepared if it is threatened. For example you may feel that your work forms your identity and if somebody criticizes your work then you may react too emotionally rather than assertively.

How To Make A Good Impression

It is very important to make a good impression, but to keep it up in future is also important. What should you do to make people think of you as a worthy person? Be yourself. It is one of the strongest displays of the person's power and dignity. But not everybody is capable to do it. If you constantly adapt to other people and consequences, you are not living, just being.

Topics to Talk About With Someone You Meet at a Party

Sometimes it is not so easy to approach somebody at a party. You can introduce yourself and ask the person whether he/she lives in this area and if yes, whether they like it. If they do not live in the area and are just visiting, you may help them get acquainted with what is worthy to be seen in your town or city. You then try to understand what brought them to this place, whether they live in the country or whether they come from abroad.

Slay the Judgment Dragon and Use Compliments for More Happiness and Success

Have you ever held back a better-relationship building compliment that was bubbling up inside--because you let your judgment that bubbled up after it, get in the way? I know I'm guilty of this myself. Perhaps you see someone who looks great that day, but don't say anything to them because you think that they probably hear it all the time and if you compliment them, they'll just get big-headed.

Do You Love to Gossip? Learn How to Stop It

Don't you just love to gossip? For some reason it is very interesting and engaging to talk about other people's lives. But then you also know that gossip is entirely wrong. It is completely unproductive and destructive. A lot of relationships have been severed just because of rumors. How do you stop yourself from gossiping? Consider the following tips: 1.

Relationships: Yours, Mine, Theirs!

If you've ever given any thought to the challenges and complexities of relationships and why some couples do well and many don't, it becomes pretty elusive. If you have found that your relationship(s) seem to break down, lose their vitality and joy, become "hard work" with little return, you are a member of the disillusionment in relationships club.

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