Interventionist Secrets: How to Confront an Addicted Friend

If you know someone who is addicted to drugs or alcohol, you may worry that it is not your place to confront them about their problem. Most of us assume that drug and alcohol interventions are the responsibility of the family, and that friends should not get involved. But as any professional interventionist will tell you, it doesn't matter how close you are to an addicted person.

Second Chances: Tips to Get Back Together

If you really love a person all that you'll wish to happen when you got separated to them is to get back together. The problem with this relies on whether your significant other also wishes for the same thing. There are many things that you can do in order to have the odds of having them back goes your way. Here are some tips to get back together. You must allow some time and space after the break up to set things right.

Two D's and a C: Why Men Dump Women

Many things are running in woman's mind after being dumped by a man. Some thinks that they might have been too nagger on their partner. Some other thinks that it is because their looks changes. Some also women also thinks that it is their being demanding. Most of this thinking might be true but some are also not true. Now the question is why men dump women?

How to Continue Healthy Communication Throughout Your Marriage

If you want your marriage to work and to withstand the test of time, then you have to continue healthy communication throughout your whole marriage. If you don't, then now only will you have a rather sad, boring existence together, but you are also odds on favourite to need the services of some poor, overworked divorce attorney. Try and think of something that you can do that does not rely on communication, can you think of anything, no, I didn't think that you would.

Selfish Feelings

Sometimes it seems that we are made of feelings. Feelings pervade our everyday lives. We have good feelings and bad feelings. When we feel good we appear to be a totally different person than when we feel bad. We feel and express our emotions all day long. Whether we communicate them by words or behavior, we make sure other people know how we feel.

3 Tips on Getting Better at Small Talk

Small talk, it is really important to know how to do it. However, I think that even in small talk one can start to introduce some important topics. It is only a question on how you do it. Usually, people start to talk about the weather. Once this topic doesn't give you any more choices, they start to talk about what is happening in town. Usually, people who do small talk, do it in the negative sense.

When Should He Call After Sex? Insight Into the Male Mind for Women

When should he call after sex? You're searching for an answer to this question because right now it feels like it's been too long, doesn't it? You and your guy were intimate and then everything seemed to change. All those loving phone calls you had been receiving before you two slept together have stopped. He doesn't ask you out anymore and it almost seems as though your relationship is over without the break up.

Self-Reflection - The Missing Piece in Relationships

Self-reflection is an important basic skill that seems to be lacking in many people's lives. So many of us are focused on what we want and expect to receive from others. Most people respond and react according to input from the outside world. If good things happen we praise those who appear to be responsible. If bad things happen, we blame those who appear to be responsible.

Imago Relationship Therapy - Make An Appointment

When using Imago dialogue the first stage in the process is to make an appointment with your partner. This takes the form of a request such as, "I have a frustration I want to talk about with you, are you available to listen?" Why would you possibly need to do this? They are stood right in front of you ready to hear your wise ruminations aren't they?

Finding A Good Marriage Counselor

Okay, so your marriage has hit a roadblock... .or twelve. Things are falling apart faster than you can keep up. You'd have an easier time getting a handle on all the brooms in FANTASIA than the disaster that your once blessed union has become. Where do you go? What do you do? And who can you look to? Professional marriage counseling has been around ever since there was a third person to talk to the other two about their marriage.

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