The Biggest Misunderstanding About Communication in Relationships

Many of the people who seek help for troubled relationships say their problem is communication. They have difficulty getting their ideas across to each other and many conversations, particularly those about difficult subjects, end up in a fight or with hours, or even days, of stony silence. They believe that they need to learn better communication skills to put their relationship on the right track.

Learn to Listen and Improve Your Relationship!

It is important to remember to listen when you are communicating with your significant other. You care deeply for your wife, husband, boyfriend, or girlfriend and they deserve your undivided attention. Take the time to do nothing but listen to what your loved one is saying. Even if you do not like what they are saying do not tune them out. Your partner knows when you are tuning them out!

Toxic Relationships: You Don't Have to Listen

When was the last time you walked away from a conversation that upset you? Or perhaps I should ask if you have ever done this. Being a Good Listener Women are known as great listeners. When an acquaintance has a problem, they are much more likely to seek out a sympathetic woman's ear than they are to spill the beans to a male counterpart. Part of the reason why is that men want to solve problems and find answers;

How to Happily Survive the Major Turning Points Almost Every Relationship Faces

Every relationship has turning points-crunch times when an extra helping of stress is piled on to your already full plate. Sometimes happy events bring them on; often sad ones do, but the result is usually the same: one or both of you feels crabby, impatient, exhausted and/or frustrated--and that can put distance between you. The good news is that most relationship turning points are short-term--even if they don't feel like it when you're in the middle of one.

Conflict - Improving Your Relationship Through Giving and Receiving Feedback

Most of us have learned how to communicate through a process of trial and error. We have developed our communication styles and skills primarily through the interactions we have had with our family and friends. Few of us have received formal communication training to develop our skills. When we think of communication, ordinarily we think of it as a process in which someone speaks and someone listens.

Four Tips For Ending a Stand-Off

I don't know about you but I don't know anyone who hasn't experienced a stand-off that's gone on a little too long. What starts out as a brief cooling off period turns into what feels like a permanent restraining order handed down by the Court of Preposterous Solutions. The cold air rushes in, sides are chosen, and you both spend a lot of energy letting others know just how little you're thinking about the other person and the situation.

How Community Is Changing With Technology

According to Merriam Webster, the definition of community is 1: a unified body of individuals: as a: state, commonwealth b: the people with common interests living in a particular area With the importance given to place, this definition begs an interesting question: can a community be made up of people who are not in the same physical space? Of course, many of us would immediately say yes.

One-Liners Guaranteed to Bring You Closer

Who knew? Just a few little words can make all the difference in a relationship! In my work with couples, I've found that certain words and phrases, repeated often enough, are key to staying connected to the one you love most. What are they? After "I love you, " here are four simple phrases that are guaranteed to make the bond you share with your significant other stronger, happier, and closer than ever: * "WE CAN WORK THIS OUT.

Easy Ways To Start A Conversation

How To Start A Conversation Men sometimes draw a blank when it comes to starting a conversation with a beautiful girl, but part of the reason is because instead of focusing on what they are going to say, they are obsessed with the girl's looks and possible reaction. The key to successfully learning how to talk to a girl and starting a conversation with a girl is to completely eliminate your worries about how she will react.

Communication in Marriage Is Key

Communication in General All living creatures communicate in some form or another. It has also become patently evident that communication takes place because it is a vital component of survival. Birds don't tweet, squeak and squawk just to pass the time of day, and in humans' communication is just as vital as a survival technique. Even when we have a coffee morning with the girls and the conversation goes - "OMG, I'll just die if I can't get that pair of red Jimmy Choo's!

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