Changing a Man Is the Worst Idea

Every man has met a woman who has tried to change him. Women have motherly instincts that want to change men because they feel that we should be better. At first, a female will slowly change a man piece by piece; females are so good at this that their work will go unnoticed until his friends start to tell him about how he has changed! Once he realizes what you are doing, he will put up his defensive wall to block your attack.

Imago Relationship Therapy - Mirroring

Mirroring is a fundamental skill in the Imago dialogue process. In this article, I will explore the why's and wherefores of mirroring and I hope to give you some insight to its importance in the process. If you have marriage counselling in Manchester with me then you will have heard much of this before in the session, if not I hope the post helps!

3 Ways to Improve Your Non Verbal Skills

I hope you are aware of the fact that non verbal communication comprises 55% of all your communication which means that whenever you are speaking 55% of what you want to get across to the other person will come from non verbal communication (body language and facial expression). This means that your non verbal skills are critical for the delivery of a clear message.

When No! Can Be a Powerful Yes!

Running around after others and doing lots of 'important' things is a trap. Don't get me wrong; if it's a choice, and it's done out of love - to meet a need of another, or because it's your job, there's purpose to it. But the trouble is many of us say "yes" too easily and too often. That's because we lack the courage to say "no" when it would be best to.

Having Problems Communicating With Someone You Love - Try This Method To Improve Your Communication

Do you ever feel like when you speak to people in your life that you are not taken seriously? Maybe you feel that people just don't understand you when you are trying to explain something that is important to you. So how do you get heard, get taken seriously and get understood? Seek first to understand then to be understood. That is a phrase that I didn't come up with.

3 Tips for Improving Your Listening Skills

Why is improving your listening skills so critical for you (and me)? My guess is it is because we speak better than we listen. And this is not just your perception or your partner's perception; it's a proven fact. Studies show that on average we speak 150 words a minute but we listen at the rate 700 words a minute. This means that when we are listening we have unused capacity so our mind tends to turn to other things to fill this unused capacity.

Social Networks All Begin With Family

There are many types of social networks that everyone needs if they are to have a satisfying and contented life. Human beings are by nature very social creatures and need the friendship of others to feel a sense of belonging. Some of these social acquaintances turn into life-long friendships while others are of short duration. Starting a social network always begins with Family.

How to Read People

Going deep into the merits and the ethical issues relating to reading the minds of other people can easily be dismissed on the short ground that it is not a progressive idea. In a way, it is true also because of the highly competitive and merciless situation that prevails in every field. In fact, reading people's minds bestows many benefits. It is definitely possible also but the techniques must be practiced consistently so that your conclusions are near-perfect.

Digital Frames Help a Whole Community Connect in a Very Special Way for a Truly Amazing Exhibition!

Would you like to know how an art exhibition which included multi-media digital frames helped a whole community to connect with each other in a very special way? An artist and her collaborator arrived in a small town in North Carolina. This is a town of approximately 135, 000 people. Their objective was to present an art project that promised to capture the essence of what the concept "home" means to the residents of the town Within almost a 3 week period these 2 complete strangers to the town, managed to interview a wide range of residents across many different age groups and living styles and from both old and new residents.

How to Effectively Communicate in an Argument

Arguments are common everywhere you go. You can't expect to ignore them forever, so you might as well learn some effective strategies for dealing with them. There are two main blocks to effective communication in arguments. The key is to not get caught up on these while still being honest and open. Here is the first block: Arguments Make People Angry It's obvious that people aren't in the best of moods when they are arguing.

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