Five Quick Steps to Increase Your Communication Skill

Do you know that communications are an important part of our everyday life? We are always in communication with some one throughout the day. Why is communication skill so important? If you don't have a good communication skill, you would not be able to persuade some one to your point of view. For example, if you want your boss to give you a raise in salary, do you think communication skill is important?

How to Keep a Conversation Going - Be Smooth With the Ladies and Learn What to Say During a Date

We have all experienced the awful and awkward silence when trying to converse with someone you like. Groping for the right words to say is a skill, and the art of conversation needs some constant practice. Starting a conversation is good but maintaining it can be quite a challenge. Below are some tips on how to keep a conversation going. Score a great date and even a better second date soon.

Communication - When Others Misinterpret What You Say

Communication is a minefield. You think you are using simple clear words to get across your message. What you don't know is that hidden within the person receiving the message is an interpretation of your words which will leave emotional shrapnel everywhere. You are probably familiar with the not so hidden "trap" of answering your significant other's question, "Do I look good in this?

Questions For Couples - Getting to Know Your Girlfriend, Your Fiance, Or Your Spouse

If you'd ask your partner (girlfriend, fiancй, spouse) a thousand questions, good questions that were well thought out, don't you think that you'd get to know them pretty well. Maybe you'd even get to know them well enough that you could make a better decision on whether or not you're compatible enough to marry that person. Or, maybe you could learn enough about your spouse in order to make your marriage better and enjoy a deeper sense of love and fulfillment.

Leaving an Answering Machine Message on Her Phone? Here's How You Can Leave a Lasting Impression

Many men dread the answering machine. This is especially nerve-wracking for a man who is about to call a girl for a first time after meeting her. We can clearly see why it's a dilemma. Here are just some of the reasons why leaving a message on her answering machine scares us: First of all, there's no turning back once the machine picks up the phone.

How to Talk to Any Guy, Anywhere, Any Time at All!

Are you one of those women who strike up a conversation with a man with effortlessness, humor, and panache? Are you a master storyteller, the kind that gets everyone's attention and keeps it? Or, are you like the countless people who are terrorized by the thought of having to engage someone in conversation? If you fall into the latter category, take heart.

How Do I Fix My Relationship? - You Need a Game Plan!

It is perfectly normal to experience a crisis in a marriage. This is due to different opinions on certain things that may eventually lead to disagreements. You might be thinking, "How much effort should I spend to try and fix my relationship with my spouse?" The answer is simple: as much as time and effort you and your partner need. Forgiveness is crucial to a marriage.

Talk to Any Guy and Keep Him Talking

Are you great at talking to people but still wondering how to talk to a guy? Have you been wondering what it is going to take to get a guy's attention by initiating a conversation? What if you could talk to any guy, anywhere and learn to leave a lasting impression on him? If you have the gift of gab but are finding yourself reduced to silence around a guy whom you like than keep reading and find out how to talk to any guy.

Reasons For Intimate Questions to Ask Your Partner

I am pretty sure that you at least have seen if not taken one of those couples compatibility tests that you see in magazines and even on the Internet. These quizzes have actually existed for decades already. Since the 1950s, tests for couples have appeared in magazines. These tests usually contain intimate questions to ask your partner. These tests are meant to assess the "health" of a relationship.

Thinking of Serious Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend? Get Ideas Here

Interviewing or asking questions is a very effective and useful way to get to know someone. This is the reason why companies interview prospective employees and why journalists interview people for a story. This is the reason why girls should consider "interviewing" their boyfriends. If you are a girl who is in a relationship, I have a question for you: how well do you really know your boyfriend?

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