Mental Emotional Abuse - When Your Partner's Judgments Are Your Defects

Have you ever noticed how your partner's judgments about you say more about him than they do about you? Yet, he stands behind these judgments as though they are a certified list of your defects. "You are a lousy housekeeper, because you don't fold the laundry 'correctly', " he declares. "You're a pig because of the way you keep your car (or better yet, don't keep up your car), " he insists.

Throw a Fit Every Now and Then!

The more someone tells me to stuff my emotions, the more I want to let them out. I've noticed the same in others. When a person is trying to tell his side of a story and everyone around him is telling him to calm down or tries to interrupt him with their own opinions on the subject, a bunch of unfinished thoughts pile up and it's almost impossible for him to get beyond what it is that brought him to this state.

Finding Your Tribe to Get the Love, Support and Empowerment You Need to Thrive!

In your imagination, take a walking trip through a forest. As you approach a small village, you are struck by the beauty of the setting and feel a pull to stay here a while. As you enter the village, its leader walks toward you, greets you, and says: "Welcome to our village. We call it the Choice Community. Here you are encouraged to choose exactly how you would like to live, near people you feel a kinship toward or would enjoy learning from.

Who Says Keeping Secrets Is Bad for Your Relationship?

Psst, did you know that sharing secrets in a relationship is a sure sign of love, trust and intimacy? Here's how to put the power of secrets to work for you. Sharing secrets defines a relationship as unique and cultivates a sense of "we-ness." In fact, keeping things just between the two of you helps you and your partner feel close and connected in ways that are meaningful to just the two of you--and that helps to cement a relationship.

Making Successful Relationships Work

Relationships can be down, right messy at times, don't you agree? After all, as human beings created by God, we all have an innate desire, already programmed into our DNA for social interaction with other human beings. From your family relationships, to your many hopeful successful relationships. We all need and desire successful relationships, but what do you do, and what is your smart goals plan, when you find yourself or your once happy marriage on the losing end of a relationship that may be ending in dismal failures?

The Real Reasons Couples Fight and How To Call a Cease Fire

What do you and your partner fight about most? Money? Household chores? Not enough quality time together? Sure, these topics may be what you're arguing about at the moment--but in reality, they have nothing to do with the real conflict. IF YOU AND YOUR PARTNER TEND TO FIGHT ABOUT... *... Decisions-even small ones, such as who takes out the garbage and what movies to see, your hidden issue is: "My opinion doesn't matter.

4 Ways To Get Support From Your Woman Without Feeling Like A Big Wimp

Andrew has had a rough year. He lost his job, started a new job-- at a significant cut in pay, his brother was involved in a near-fatal accident and he's developed an ulcer. His sense of self worth has taken a steep nose dive. Andrew's wife tells him that she's here for him and that she wants to support him, but he continually tells her that he's fine and is handling it all.

Confessions of a Reformed Drama-Mama

I have learned that the more that I reduce drama in my life, the happier I am. Much of this has been by trial and error. What could be even more important is that I see how this reduction positively impacts all those around me. I used to be so self-absorbed that I was oblivious to what sort of ripple effect I was having on others. Last week I came out of the house to find that our wheels were stolen right off of our car!

Relationship Sins - Have You Committed the 3 Most Serious?

How healthy are YOUR relationships? If you are like most of us, without realizing it, you have often inadvertently created problems that could have been avoided. The acts and attitudes and behaviors that may seem natural, innocent and even harmless at the time, can sometimes lead to irreparable damage. Relationship sins are like that. They are sometimes subtle, surprising and difficult to understand the long term negative consequences.

Relationship Wisdom - Staying In The Present Moment

One of the key elements of relationships is communication and using it effectively to deal with stuff that comes up. This article will look at the importance of staying in the present as opposed to bringing up old stuff. Storing things up Many people somewhere along their up-bringing have learnt that certain things should not be said and have therefore practiced storing things up.

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