How to Get Your Man's Commitment

There's a brand new life waiting for you on the other side of this article. A life of love, romance, peace and joy. You could have the understanding about how to make yourself into a siren - a woman with potent sensuality and ability to get your man to commit deeper to you. You've faced one disappointment after the next and you're losing hope because you can't seem to make your life work in the way you know it could.

How to Tell Your Girlfriend to Stop Pressuring You to Commit

You have got a girlfriend and you are happy, you are comfortable being with her, and you have had some great times together, life is good. Your only problem is that she wants more. She has decided that the relationship is ready to move to the next level and she wants you to commit, you on the other hand are not ready to commit. It has become a battle of wills, on the one side with have your girlfriend, that steely glint in her eye says she is going to make you commit, and then we have your good self who is responding to the pressure by being adamant that you won't.

You're Scared of Commitment - What Are You So Afraid Of?

You meet someone you like, you find that there is a connection between you and you decide to get to know each other better. As time goes by you learn more about them, you become comfortable being with them, and you have some great times together. Okay so you have your ups and downs, you might even argue once in a while, but that's normal, it's what you expect in a healthy relationship, so no big deal.

What to Do About a Guy Who Doesn't Want to Commit

It must be very frustrating! You find a guy that you fall in love with, you invest heavily emotionally in the relationship, you reach the point where you think that the relationship is ready to move on to the next level, but can you move on, NO, and why? Because your guy doesn't want to or is not yet ready to commit. As you want to move forward with your life, here is what to do about a guy who doesn't want to commit.

3 Reasons Why People Fear Commitment

The relationship cycle is a simple one. You meet, develop your connection through dating, as you learn more about each other your relationship deepens, and then, if you are still together you reach the stage where you want to spend the rest of your lives together and you marry, at least that's the theory. In order for a relationship to become richer and deeper you have to keep moving forward, the final natural step in a relationship is marriage.

Habits That Can Make You Find The Right Love

Are you one of those men and women who have been single forever, or have been in an in- and- out of relationship since 1990? Well, this year is your year to stop all the tears and find the right love that suits you like a customized gloves. This is the year is your year of love and passion. There will be no more drama, no more hurt. This year would be like Valentine's Day whole year round.

How to Get a Man's Deeper Commitment - Make Him Fall Deeper In Love

Have you been experiencing the frustration of not getting what you want from your man? Do you wonder why things are going the way you want and how to change it? I'm here to help you with that. In order for you to take a man into a deeper commitment, you have to know how attraction works with men and what doesn't work. When you are too much into your head space you spend alot of time worrying about how to make it work.

A Special Valentine for My Wife!

I always dread the approach of Valentine's Day. The reason? I face the same impossible task every year: to find the "perfect" Valentine's Day card for my wife-one with the precise words to express my true feelings for her! Up until now, I have failed miserably. And, I think most guys will relate to what I go through every year: the rather gloomy proposition of studying 100 Valentine's Day cards at a Hallmark store, and finding that none are quite right!

Staying Committed in a Relationship - A Scorecard You Can Follow

Don't be scared. Commitment does not mean you are bound to someone for the rest of your life. So what does commitment mean. It means three things; 1. Consistent values 2. Consistent behavior 3. Unconditional support So let us examine commitment. Here is a quiz. Each incident has a score of 10. If you pass, you are committed, if not, you are not committed.

No Money Can Buy Happiness

Happiness is the way to travel. I have said that again and again. It is my personal dogma. No external success can assure inner happiness and contentment. Happiness comes from within. Happiness is felt when you share your love with others. This may sound so absurd, but it is true: happiness is a two way street. You give love, you receive love in return.

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