Valentine's Day

If Valentine's Day were a person I would be defending her, taking her to lunch to help "pump" her up, and unabashedly wondering why people are avoiding her at all costs. I mean, geez, she's just a pink and red Hallmark holiday moment. She doesn't smell. Dress weird, or have bad breath. It seems the truth is, or at least what seems like the truth based on all the email blasts I have been getting from love coaches in the last few days, is that if you are single on this holiday then you should accordingly be depressed, sad, hopeless and bitter.

Signs He Is A Commitment Phobe

If you can relate to the not knowing feeling chances are you might be dating a commitment phobe. A commitment phobe is a man who fears settling down with one woman. The reasons vary but the symptoms are the same. A commitment scared man will spend time with you. When you are together he treats you well and you feel a strong connection and chemistry.

When Is It Time to Give Your Man An Ultimatum to Marry You or Hit the Road?

You're tired of waiting. You've been in love with a man for some time and you thought by now you'd be married to him. At the very least you imagined you'd be sporting a beautiful diamond engagement ring on your finger. It doesn't look as though that will ever happen. You've hinted in some subtle and not so subtle ways but still no dropping to one knee and no "will you marry me" in sight.

How to Prevent a Divorce And Save Your Marriage

Regardless of the problems seen and experienced on the surface, the bottom line is that usually, barring any abuse or psychological problems that are best handled by a professional, a couple can find themselves in danger of divorce when there is a loss of: * communication, * love * and intimacy ... in the marital relationship. Conflict or anger itself does not have to cause an irreparable rift between partners.

How To Make A Man Commit To You - The Easy Way

How to make a man commit to you has always been the concern of single women everywhere. You love this man, and he loves you. Maybe he has not actually said those three little words but you know he loves you simply by the way he cares for you. Love is written in his eyes, and while he may not be speaking the words out loud, his actions scream them.

What to Do To Make Him Marry Me and Want No One But Me Each Day of His Life? Learn What to Do

Every relationship must go through some obstacles at some point. Yours might be because the man in your life seems to be having a hard time in proposing. If you're already eager to spend your life with him, what must you do to make him marry you? Learn what his thoughts are about commitment. You could be dying to make a man commit but how does this man view marriage in the first place?

How to Tell If Your Man Sees You As Wife Material

You're wondering how to tell if he sees you as wife material. You're crazy about a certain man and you two have been together for a time. You wish he'd just see the future through the same eyes you do. He doesn't though. He's never spoken about marriage while it's something you think about often. You wish there was a way to know whether he even considers you to be a suitable life partner.

How to Become Partners For Life

When you get married how many of you think that anything could go wrong? No-one, because at that point you are looking forward to spending the rest of your lives together. But obviously thing do go wrong, you have only got to take a look at the divorce statistics to know that. To many people seem to forget that once you get married you do not automatically get to live happily ever after, that is something that you have to earn by committing to creating the best possible relationship that you can.

What Things Are needed For A Relationship To Survive?

Who really wants their relationship to fail... anyone... that's right, no-one. If you find someone who you love, that you are comfortable with, and have great times with, why would you want to lose them? It's a fact of life that not all relationships work, some people are just not compatible with other, whilst others do not do what is needed to make the relationship work.

Is It Natural That Men Withdraw? Learn the Reasons Behind Why Some Men Turn Cold Suddenly

If you are worried about his behavior and wondering as to why he has seemed to withdraw from you, there is no need to be if he is just going through a "phase" that is natural. Sometimes a man is plagued with doubts and fears just as a woman! But there could also be other reasons for him cooling off! Read this and know the truth. He could be having second thoughts Very often after a few dates a man suddenly realizes that you are not really compatible or that he is not really ready to date you seriously.

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