Struggling to Commit? - 5 Reasons Why You Struggle to Commit Yourself to a Relationship

You have been going out with your partner for quite a while, you have a pretty good relationship, you have had some fantastic times together, but you find yourself struggling to really commit to the relationship. You know that it's crazy, you know that your partner really wants to take the relationship forward to the next level, but something inside you is making you nervous.

How to Ensure Mutual Commitment in a Relationship

Most relationships fail because of lack of reciprocity of commitment. Think of marriages---infidelity and lack of love are the most common causes of divorce. So one partner feels and believes he/she has fulfilled her part in the relationship, but the other partner has not. Assuming this is the only problem in a relationship and there is no permanent fissure, here are some ways you can ensure reciprocity.

What to Do If He Doesn't Want a Relationship Right Now - Is There Hope He Will Change?

You find a guy that you are interested in and as he's interested in you go on a few dates, there seems to be a connection between you and you broach the idea of being in a relationship with each other. But, your guy who really, really likes you, and might even say that one day you could be married, but at this moment in time he is not quite ready for a relationship.

Staying Faithful Through Tough Times

Have you ever been in a relationship that you constantly felt the butterflies in your stomach every time you saw or thought about that other person? Most of us have, it is an amazing time in which the other person can really say or do no wrong in our eyes. We overlook their many faults and notice only the noble and wonderful things that they do for us.

You Can't Force Someone to Commit - How to Deal With Commitment Issues

You have been together with your partner for quite a while now, long enough to get to know them, and long enough to know that you could share the rest of your lives with them. You have reached the stage where you are ready to move the relationship forward to the nest stage. Which would be really great, except for one slight problem, your partner, who you love dearly is not ready to commit.

Suffering From a Lack of Fun

Life is such a serious business, why would you want to have fun? When you first met your spouse did you have a miserable time or did you have fun? If you live a life devoid of excitement or stimulation, if all you do, is work and watch the T.V then how can you move forward, how can you develop as an individual? The answer is simple, you can't your life just stagnates.

Your Boyfriend Won't Get Engaged to You! Why He's Holding Back

Your boyfriend won't get engaged to you. It's not something you like to admit, but the fact of the matter is that it's the truth. You've asked him about marriage and he's either shied away from the subject or he just hasn't responded. It's frustrating to be in a relationship like this. It's also confusing and can impact your own self esteem. If the man you adore doesn't want to marry you, how can you feel that you're appealing to anyone?

Why Do Men Run Away From Commitment? Tips for Understanding Your Guy

Why do men run away from commitment? That's the one question many women in your position wish they knew the answer to. It's hard to understand, isn't it? To be in love with a great guy who seems crazy about you yet he shuts down the moment you start talking about the future. It's hard not to take that personally. After all, in your mind, if the man truly loved you as much as he says he does, marriage would be something he'd really want, right?

Should You Have A Child Before Or After Marriage?

When it comes to this topic, there are many things to consider. Here are some of them: 1. The first year is the most important The first year of marriage is crucial for the future. If in this period everything goes right, the chances that your marriage would end are limited. It means you could have a child who will not be affected by divorce, a new parent, two homes, etc.

How to Be the Woman Who Drive Men Wild With Commitment to You

Do you want to know how to make your man give you a commitment? Is he running hot and cold with you? One minute it feels like he's totally in love with you and the next he seems withdrawn? Is there a man you are really attracted to right now who seems to be good boyfriend material yet it feels as though he's not really feeling it for you? You're been wondering how to make him addicted to you and give you a deeper commitment.

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