Considering Commercial Coverage For a Car Wash

Believe it or not underwriters really do not like to write policies for car washes, and generally the policies they do allow do not make them very popular with the commercial insurance agents, as the car wash owners end up paying through the nose. Thus, a carwash will wish to find ways to cut costs, but not cut coverage too much as one big lawsuit can help you out of all your hard earned money and perhaps years of profits and revenue.

Professional Liability Insurance For Service Businesses

All businesses will have some type of professional liability insurance for claims made by clients. Most of these claims have something to do with negligence. Accountants, physicians, architects and lawyers all will have a high level of coverage. You may be aware of this type of coverage for physicians is called malpractice insurance. Real estate companies will have a type of errors and omissions policy.

Surety Bonds Establish That Your Company is Trustworthy

What is a surety bond? It is an agreement between 3 parties which involves the one who offers services, the one who obtains services and the one who makes sure that the said agreement will be accomplished by the one who offers services. The different kinds of policies are contract and commercial surety bonds (mostly utilized by a company to assure licensing), bids on contracts and lastly, union bonds.

Business Liability Insurance - Important Now More Than Ever

Today's economic climate has caused billions of pounds worth of problems for companies - both large and small. As more and more businesses find their backs are up against the wall, one significant and unexpected cost could easily finish them off. So now - more than ever - is the right time to examine your business liability insurance and any potential risks you may face.

Insure Your Business Against Crime in 2009

As the economy turns South crime will rise; it always rises with higher unemployment figures and more foreclosures. Some believe that this is because people who are out of work have extra time on their hands and/or have no money to buy things, so they make do with stealing from you; oh, great you say? Indeed, and you have to protect yourself against crime, for instance get a good security system.

Employer's Liability Insurance Protects the Company From Lawsuits

Getting employer's liability is one of the wisest choices you will ever make for yourself and the company because having this type of insurance means that you are protected from lawsuits filed by your employees and expenses brought by accidents and others. We all know that we can never tell when an accident will happen or when an employee suddenly dies on the workplace.

Business Insurance - The First Step in Protecting Yourself and Your Business

With so many things that could go wrong in a business on any given day, it is wise to always make sure that you have a valid and effective business insurance policy set in place. There are many different kinds of insurance out there for businesses to make use of so it is important to make sure that you are looking over all of your options. If you find that the various business insurance policies confuse you some, start talking to some of the insurance companies that have a great customer service department.

Liability Insurance For Small Business

When you own a small business, you are responsible for all aspects of the company. Not only do you want to ensure you profit as much as possible, but you need to protect yourself against any legal situations that may come your way. Unfortunately, in this modern age, liability insurance for small business is almost essential if you want to protect yourself from claims against you or your business.

General Liability Insurance For Small Business

Running a small business means looking after all aspects of that business. At the same time as focusing on your success, you should also be prepared for the possibility that something might go wrong, and clients could take legal action against you. These situations can be very costly when they do occur, but the good news is that general liability insurance for small business can cover you in the event of any legal action.

General Liability Insurance For Contractors - 4 Tips to Avoid Coverage Surprises

General liability insurance is one of the first types of policies you will need if you are starting a new business. At Clinard Insurance we are seeing many new small business startups. Starting your own company is popular these days with the layoffs we are seeing in our economy. The best choice is often to pursue something that you love doing and so we are seeing lots of people starting new businesses around their building skills.

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