How to Choose an Insurance Agent For Your Small Business

Insurance can cover a variety of catastrophes including natural disasters, fire, and theft. Providing good health coverage for your employees can help you retain them. However, these are not the only types of insurance available. You may be required to carry life, business interruption, or auto insurance depending on the nature of your business.

Business Credit Insurance Gives Early Warning Signals

When establishing credit limits for buyers, many companies rely on mercantile reports (such as D&B), trade references, and prior trade experience to determine whether a buyer is a safe credit risk. While these methods are acceptable tools used by many companies, they do not provide the real time financial intelligence needed by most credit professionals in order to make credit decisions with absolute confidence.

Business Credit Insurance Vs Self Insuring

Self insuring is the concept that a business sets aside cash to cover losses incurred due to the default of outstanding receivables. In today's volatile and uncertain economic climate, there is very good reason to not self insure and every reason to protect your company with trade credit insurance. The primary reason one should not self insure is due to loss of leverage.

Business Credit Insurance Vs Exim Bank

Companies seeking to mitigate their risk on foreign receivables sometimes find themselves having difficulty in differentiating trade credit insurance from the services offered by Exim bank. On the surface, there appears to be little difference in the function of Exim bank compared to private firms offering trade credit insurance. Exim bank was established as the Federal Government's way of trying to help businesses offset risk and actively encourage exports of American goods.

Business Credit Insurance Political Risk Coverage

Many companies that are involved in international business don't understand the nightmare that political upheaval can cause when it comes to their receivables. Trade credit insurance can eliminate this nightmare. Political risk coverage is a type of trade credit insurance that eliminates the difficulty of converting foreign currency to local currency.

Insurance For Landlords - A Great Way to Protect Property!

Landlords usually make a considerable amount of investment in land and property. Having made expensive investments, you must take every possible step to protect it. You can never predict when you may face a threat to your property. Taking precautionary measures beforehand makes better sense than inviting trouble at a later stage. In case of a fire, or theft, you can keep yourself with insurance for landlords.

Small Business Medical Insurance Coverage

If you have 2 to many employees as a small business owner, then you are qualified and would gain from a small business group health insurance plan. In case you are self-employed without any workers, then you can consider medical insurance for people who are self-employed. There are a lot of benefits which an employer and his employees can get from small business health coverage plans.

Types of Small Business Health Insurance Plans

Employees of small organizations or groups are normally given various health insurance options by the company owner. The insurance covers practically almost everything, from visits to the doctor to prescribed medications to hospital visits, etc. To assist owners of small business decide on what type of health coverage best matches the budget of their company and the needs of their employees, the below offers information about the various types of plans.

The Importance of E O Insurance For Process Servers

We live in a society which has become litigious while, at the same time, increasingly concerned with privacy rights. This can be particularly difficult for litigators because not all the facts of a case may be accessible. This leads to the possibility of an error or omission occurrence. Repercussions due to an error can be extremely costly. This is why a reputable process server will carry errors and omissions insurance.

Is Your Business a Safe Investment?

A good sales result, of course, is a key factor in your company being a good investment of your time, talent and money. However, to be a "Safe" investment, you also need to protect your enterprise from potential losses. Below you will find a list of some of these risks. Insurance is an important method of limiting your risk exposure and making your venture a safer investment.

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