How to Avoid 8 Common Mistakes of Managing Change

Apprehension is a common side effect of dealing with the prospect of change. Change is scary, no one questions that. But how you manage fear is a strong indicator of how you will manage change. Whether you're a leader charged with creating and implementing change or an employee who will feel the affects, doing something new, different, and out-of-the-ordinary takes hard work, determination and a little bit of faith.

The Thomas Kilman Conflict Instrument

The Thomas Kilman Conflict Instrument is a tool designed to measure an individual's behavior in situations of conflict. Conflict situations are events that involve two individuals who are believed to be incompatible. During a period of conflict, an individual behaves in one of two ways. 1) The individual is assertive to the point of setting out to take care of his or her goals or concerns.

Five Forbidden Phrases For Effective Problem-Solving

The late and great George Carlin said there were "seven dirty words" that you could not say on television. At the risk of being accused of ripping ol' George off, let me say that there are five forbidden phrases that you should not be saying in your next staff meeting if you want to solve problems. Why? It's got nothing to do with proper behavior, its got to do with functionality.

Investment Management Equals Change Management?

Simple formulas are often wrong or do not grasp the whole issue. Of course, but sometimes a simple formula shows a very important relation. For example in the world of investments and trading on the stock-exchange. It is all about managing change; the change is that where one trend is followed-up by another one. And it is your task to manage all that.

Where is Your Pony in This Recession?

We have all heard the joke about the optimistic little kid who when he sees the room full of horse manure, dives in to look for the pony. When asked why he dove headlong into a disgusting pile of horse manure, answers that Because after all in this big a stack of manure, there must be a pony somewhere. Today, most business situation have a lot of manure, challenges, concerns, disgruntled employees etc.

The Project Kill Switch and Project Management

A wise man once said, Project Management is doing project rights. Portfolio Management is doing the right mix of projects. Depending upon how your organization is utilizing information technology will be portrayed in your organization's project mix. Currently, we have a small project expense organization mix. Mostly upgrades and minor enhancements, some of it has to do with the economy and non-existent capital.

Secret System to Reduce Costs of What You Don't Know in Your Business - 6 of 7

In this challenging economy where risk is a guaranteed certainty, companies can not afford not to have some kind of ERM strategy in place even if they are up against budgetary constraints. Yet you want a strategy which is tailored for yourself. After all, the problems you are seeing or experiencing are specific to your business. Issues can range from unexpected cash crunches, sudden inability to provide timely financial statements, not knowing the real costs to produce a product or service, historical accounting systems which satisfies auditors and accounting but leave management struggling to run their business, middle or top management in disarray solving the issues they thought were important, not what the CEO thought was important, etc.

Leading Through Economic Turbulence

Due to our current economic conditions many organizations are faced with employee morale being at an all time low, but there are still ways to engage your employees. As the world experiences an economic downturn, organizations are facing insurmountable challenges. The tensions that exist in organizations today are more complex and multifaceted than ever: Preserving the core business Keeping the organization's mission and strategy relevant Maintaining employee engagement Being flexible and adaptable to internal and external changes Trying to effectively balance these paradoxes is a monumental task.

Leading For Post-Recession Success - Lessons From BDO Consulting

BDO Consulting, one of North America's leading firms providing services in litigation, investigation, restructuring and risk advisory services, recently offered five tips to businesses and other organizations on how to survive a recession (Business Wire, January 22, 2009, Chicago, on the web). What to do. I summarize BDO's recommendations here: Take Fast and Decisive Action to "determine core needs and shed excess costs".

Its Always Worked Before - Discussions Around the Need For Change

Okay I know you are doing alright or "fair to middlin" as some would say, you have your strategies in your back pocket that you pull from and use each week. So really status quo is good and these things have always worked before. Now why should you change and is it even important? Because the world we're in won't let you stay as you are or arrive.

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