Benefit Your Business by Being More Creative

To stay ahead today in business you need to be creative. Creativity is essential for problem solving, generating ideas, looking at potential options, finding solutions, identifying opportunities, for staying ahead of the competition and for maximising business return. You may not be naturally creative, you may be a very logical thinker who finds it difficult to be creative or you may find that you always see things in a certain way and find it hard to look at things differently.

Lean by the Dozen

Introduction to Lean In this article we will take a look back at the history and some of the key milestones that have led to the development of Lean as it stands today and then provide a look at the state of Lean today in the public and private sector. We will end with a short discussion about the possible future for Lean in the UK given where the economy may go in the next two years.

How to Use Formal and Informal Leaders to Enact Cultural Change

Everyone has the potential to be a change leader, or at the very least, to willingly participate in necessary cultural changes. A key message that needs to be understood by everyone: "This change process we are going through is designed to increase our performance. We must do this in order to ensure the long-term sustainability of the company." A successful change process -- as defined by the measures of better, faster, more profitable -- requires that everyone develop the ability and willingness to lead, and participate in making the necessary changes.

Generational Differences in the Workplace - Fact Or Fiction?

For the first time in history, four distinct generations are employed side by side in the workplace. With differing values and seemingly incompatible views, these generations have stirred up unprecedented conflict in the business world. There is no such thing as the "average" worker anymore. Managing and motivating a diverse workforce has become a serious challenge.

Maintaining Your Quality Improvement Achievements

Are you just beginning quality improvement initiatives? Maybe you have been trying them for a while, but the results aren't what you expected. Unfortunately, quality improvement efforts sometimes follow the pattern of those who lose weight; after a couple of years most of the weight that was lost has been regained. So too quality improvement efforts seem to die or become less productive.

A Better Way to Frame Change

For the majority of us the word "change" has an immediate and bone-chilling effect; usually based on past experience and often associated with a negative result. Yet business executives and those professionals who specialize in the fine art of change continue to use the word while appearing indifferent and seemingly oblivious to the connotation and images it engenders in others.

Don't Let a Con-Man Pull Your Chain

Suddenly, you get a call from a competitor. He wants you to rush over to his office today so you can discuss a new opportunity. Some of us get anxious, excited about what he has in mind. Maybe he wants to sell us his company or merge his business with ours. May as well check it out, right? You never know what someone is thinking. Maybe it's a great idea that will turn your business into the success you've always dreamed about.

Selecting Staff by Trial and Error Can Be a Very Expensive Experience - Is There a Better Way?

DISC in the interview process. Many so called experts denounce DISC as a less than totally effective management tool usually because they fail to recognise and refuse to accept that it does indeed deliver what both the hiring company and the applicant both need in a most cost effective manner, understandable and useable by both the applicant and all levels of management within the hiring organisation.

Creating Your Organization's Future

One of the most critical attributes of a leader is the ability to describe a strategic vision. Do you know where your team is going and how you are going to get there? It is the ability to visualize the path to success that sets leaders apart. The following techniques will help improve your ability to guide your team over the long haul: 1. DEFINE THE FUTURE UNAMBIGUOUSLY.

Appreciative Inquiry AI - What is It?

Appreciative Inquiry (AI) - What is it? The Appreciative Inquiry Model is a method of thinking and action that sparks changes in an organization. The AI Model is based on the assumption that whatever is desired in an organization is already there. In other words one need only seek out desired outcomes, resources, situations, in order for them to materialize.

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