A Killer Idea For Delivering Successful Information Technology Projects

In all of my audits and reviews of Information Technology (IT) project failures - large and small, we have found that the top reason for failure is the lack of agreed and controlled requirements. In other words, the project team did not have a clear picture of what the customer wanted the team to build and deliver. And, in cases where there had been a clear picture of the requirements at some time early on in the project, changes to that clear picture were made but were not controlled properly.

Spring Cleaning For Business Owners

Get ready for spring cleaning... for your business! Break out the dust buster and mop and clean up the clutter that has not been working for you in your business. Goal setting, visualizing, branding and creating a 3, 6, 9 and 12 month business plan are all things that must be done regularly to ensure you are on track for success. Is the dust piling up on your business plan?

Thriving on Discontinuous Change

IBM's 2008 Global CEO Study finds that organizations are being bombarded by change, and many are struggling to keep up. Executives see significant change ahead, but the gap between expected change and the ability to manage it has almost tripled since the last Global Study in 2006. The question is: How do we create the kind of organization that not only adapts quickly to current trends, but is aggressive about shaping and leading change?

Business Survival, Growth Marketing in These Lean Times of 2009

It is a rough world out there in the economy and the "real world". What can you do in the world of commerce to keep your business cruising in 2009 - if not simply alive and treading water? First of all focus on the long run. There were people and companies even during the dark years of the "dirty thirties" and the major economic downtown - if not depression of the last century who looked ahead and knew that the good days would return once again.

Waste in Lean Manufacturing the Lean Office - To Eliminate Muda, Stop, Don't Look, Listen Instead

Waste is anything that does not add value to a process or serve the customer. Waste reduction is a cornerstone of continuous improvement. The first step to eliminating waste is to be able to identify it. Most people do this by observing a process and looking for inefficiency or redundancy. Although you can learn a lot by watching, sometimes you can learn more by listening.

Change - Understanding and Managing Change

Staying ahead of strategic change and managing operational change is one of the challenges of leadership today and is a critical function of management. Be aware that in most organizations change is generally accepted slowly and new ideas may not be readily accepted! "Our own times have undergone, without doubt, the greatest transformation in industrial methods that man has accomplished in any age.

The Echoes Heard at Work

Coward. That word, along with others less printable, popped to mind when I heard a story about a friend's son. It turns out, he learned he was no longer employed via a text-message to his cell phone on a Sunday night. The brief message from his ex-boss informed him that his last work day had been Friday. It's no surprise to hear about another job lost as unemployment soars, failed businesses close, consumers shut their pocketbooks, and entire industries restructure.

Does Your Incentive Plans Have This Basic Flaw?

It is back to the basics again, throughout your business. If your incentive and bonus plans do not incorporate cost of capital as a key ingredient, you are overpaying, encouraging bad behavior, and sabotaging your strategic plan your leadership team and budgeting process labored over. First, what is cost of capital and why should you care. Basically this says managers rent the equity and resources that they have access to for running their business.

Office Refurbishment, Not As Much Hassle As You Think

Whether your office refurbishment involves a smartening up of your existing location or a move to completely new surroundings, it is an implementation that all growing companies will one day look to perform. For the person or people charged with overseeing the project it can be a daunting task, as every in the office has different needs and requirements.

How Recession-Proof Are You?

Recession, It's the 'R' word many business owners dread. It can mean blank order books, slow payment, hours being cut and real fears about long-term survival. However, there's another 'R' word that helps many businesses carry on business as usual, and even excel, through lean times, and that's Reputation. It's the cheapest and most effective way to protect yourself or your business in a faltering economy - it's free, simple and has been a proven winner down through time.

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