Starting Your Career in a Recession

A career is very much like a marathon. It's long, it has up hills and down hills. It can take many twists and turns on the route. Starting a career in a recession is like beginning a marathon running up hill. It's tough but it can be done. The smart runner would not attempt to run a marathon without planning and training. Your career requires the same thing: planning and training.

5 Reasons Why College Grads Should Consider a Career in Financial Advisory

This is one of the best times in history to become a Financial Adviser. Investors, individuals and families are looking for a "good" and trustworthy Financial Adviser to work with, and more thought is being put into their decision than ever before. Anyone looking for help managing their money right now wants someone very "21st century". People want to be advised by someone who is genuine and most importantly, someone who was not part of the recent debacle the whole world's been talking about in the global markets.

Counter Offers - How Can You Lose?

Does a counter offer seem like the best of both worlds? Two employers fighting over you... how can you lose? Whichever way you go, you're going to make more money. Ah... the good life. Or is it? Let's take a closer look at the competing forces inherent in a counter offer. To start, consider your reasons for looking for a new opportunity in the first place.

Medical Assistants Compared With Other Admin Jobs

It is interesting when you look at the average salaries for medical assistants. It is shocking to me that medical assistant jobs working for the government are higher paid than any other sector. Research on the BLM website seems to suggest that the government actually pays more in a lot of industries in addition to providing good benefits. Medical assistants actually have quite interesting jobs, especially compared to other people with administrative jobs.

Managing a Family With a Travel Nursing Career

A career as a travel nurse can be an exciting and rewarding opportunity to see the country. Travel nurses have the opportunity to see many places and people while earning a substantial income. Most travel nurse placements run for about 13 weeks which means relocating quite frequently. Fortunately, travel nurse agencies take into account that many nurses have families so they make arrangements to accommodate a nurse with a family.

Financial Planner Salary - Financial Planners Get Attractive Salaries

One of the most well-paid professionals today are financial planners. Aside from the very attractive salary, the demand for financial planners is expected to increase in the next ten years. This is mainly fueled by the retirement of baby boomers who want to make sure that they make wise decisions in investing their hard earned funds. As the demand for financial planners increase, you can expect that their salaries will too.

Temporary Agencies - Have They Got Any Work to Offer Any More?

It is true that many companies have been unable to withstand the recent recession and that many people have found themselves out of a job or made redundant. It is also true that there may be fewer vacancies out there, but there is a need to be realistic as well- there are still jobs out there. Admittedly there may be more candidates and more people may be competing for fewer and fewer jobs, but there are still jobs out there and in some ways, sadly, temporary jobs are actually increasing in number.

The Wide World of Caregivers

More and more caregivers are emerging in the world today. There have been more opportunities for them with more job offers. This is because there are more people, young and old who are studying and training to be caregivers. Despite all of the demands, what do care givers really do? There are various types of caregivers who perform different jobs.

A Temping Job - Is This Better Than a Full Time Job? Which is More Flexible?

Often people get slightly confused about temping jobs and how they work in practice. Many people think that a temping job is ok, but you generally have to work when you are told to be there, you are not allowed much time off for medical or dental appointments and you don't get to work on flexitime. Then there are other people who think that temps have all the luck and they get to see different types of companies, they have no commitment, they can leave when they please and walk into another job the next day.

Is Court Reporting a Dying Profession?

The role of a court reporter is to maintain an accurate record of word for word transcripts of conversations, legal proceedings, meetings, and other circumstances requiring a documented account that will serve as legally binding evidence. Court reporters can be found working at court trials, providing translation services for the hearing impaired, assisting judges, recording depositions, and assisting attorneys.

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