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"Job search skills for tough times and beyond" Why do we need the right job search skills? We are all aware that there is a financial gloom affecting businesses worldwide, and as a result it is becoming harder to land jobs, let alone the right job. Globally, companies are axing jobs left, right and centre as a method for cutting costs. Most economists predict that these issues are now bottoming out;

Jobs on Cruise Ships For the Hospitality Industry

Cruise ships usually have a very high standards of food and service and can be a wonderful place to work and are often compared to working in a 5 star hotel. A lot of chefs and people who work within the many different aspects of hospitality have worked on a cruise ship/liner during some stage of their working life. One of the biggest attractions to working in this particular sector is having the chance to travel the world and although it is hard work with long hours your days off can quite literally be spent in different countries giving you the chance to see all the different cultures and splendid ways of life, not to mention the sun & hot weather - depending on where the cruise is!

Vibrate the People Who Interview You - How to Make a Lasting Impression After the Interview

Standing out from other candidates in an interview session takes careful planning. I used the word "vibrate" in the title because it means so much if you can make enough of a difference to give people a little jolt when they speak with you. It doesn't matter if you are shy, reserved, scared, nervous, confident, or outgoing. There is an art to making an impression during any face to face interaction that will create a lasting impact.

Will I Lose My Job? How the Current Economic Downturn is Hurting Surprising Occupations

Determining your own personal job outlook can be a dicey proposition, but if you're in one of the following occupations it is very likely your job will be disappearing in the foreseeable future. According to the recent Occupational Outlook put out by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the following occupations are expected to see sharp declines annually for the next several years.

Guaranteeing the Next Interview

In today's economy job interviews are fewer and farther between so when you have one, is there a way to guarantee an offer or at least getting the next interview? The answer is yes and I have proved it. I have had offers on each of my last 5 job interviews. All of those involved multiple interviews for fairly senior positions. I learned that after one set of interviews that turned into a job offer that I was the first interviewee of 32.

Insurance License - Tips For Getting Licensed and Landing the Job

Many people envision their career future and can't figure out exactly where they want to go with it. They assume that they get education or training first, and then find a job that fulfills the use of the skills that they learned in their training. However, in the insurance industry, things can tend to get a little backwards from time to time. Many people don't know it, but there is a great deal of insurance agencies out there that will pay for the licensing of an agent so that they can harness their skills and employ them on their payroll.

Jobs at Kohls

In today's diverse retail environment, few stores have the dynamic reach and geographic penetration that Kohl's department stores do. As one of the premiere discount clothing and home goods retailers in the US, it is no surprise that jobs at Kohl's are in high demand. Job seekers are drawn to the stability of this national chain as well as the wide range of benefits that they have to offer - not the least of which is the popular employee discount!

Sears Jobs Endure the Recession

Sears has been a large employer for the USA for a very long time now. The Company was officially formed in 1893. The company has obviously endured a lot to still be in existence today. Everyone knows the brand name, and even knows the other brand name associated with them, Craftsman tools. Today people even think of Sears Home Life, their furniture company.

Medical Administrative Jobs

The medical field is a fast growing industry and with the demand for qualified professionals has opened the door to many opportunities. One of the fastest growing demands is for Medical Administrative representatives who can work with little or no supervision. The position requires the ability to administer patient information accurately, expedite paperwork in a timely manner.

What to Wear to a Job Interview - The Experts Know Best

There is a heck of a lot of information available about all aspects of the interview process, from the application process to dressing for the interview itself. Magazines too numerous to name found at bookstores and checkout stands are filled with articles about everything a person wants to know about interviews and is not afraid to ask! Some articles provide a general overview while others are specific to the proper attire to wear for your job interview.

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