How Many Reps to Build Muscle Mass?

When it comes to meeting your own personal fitness goals, knowing how many reps to build muscle is probably the most important factor of your workout. You see, rep range is what determines what type of growth we trigger. Whether your goal is just to get stronger, more solid, bigger, or a mixture of each, rep range is the deciding factor. First Off, Let Me Clear Up a Huge Misconception If you have been weight lifting for some time now, you've probably heard the "heavy weights, low rep for size and light weight, high reps for definition" theory.

Best Way To Gain Muscle - Give Your Testosterone Levels A Boost

Testosterone, it's the holy grail of muscle growth. Simply put, testosterone is the single most critical muscle building hormone in your body and is one of the main limiting factors that ultimately determines how much muscle you can build. The higher the levels of your testosterone are, the easier and quicker you'll be able to burn fat and gain muscle.

Stay Lean Year Round

You often hear about the idea of bulking up to gain muscle then cutting to lose fat and reveal it. Though this might be the way forward for bulky bodybuilders, the idea of carrying an extra 40lbs for the sake of a gain of 2lbs of muscle is unhealthy and means you have to walk around most of the year looking like a fat and out of shape person! Its safe to say that to stay lean year round is much the better option, and here are some of the reasons why.

Women Build Muscle Easily With 4 Tips

Women build muscle all the time, but this is not a topic that is usually discussed. When most people think of building muscle, they think of men, but there are women everywhere that are also achieving this goal. There are some tips that you need to know that will make it much easier for you to build the muscle that you want to. Women everywhere need to keep these tips in mind for achieving your goal easier.

Essential Muscle Building Exercises

The best exercise to create muscle is squats? Deadlifts? Curls? Dips? If you've got ever heard these answers before then I'm sure you've got been extraordinarily confused. I understand, I have been there and it stopped me from packing on any muscle for years! This is analysis paralysis extreme, and I honestly believe unhealthy information on muscle building exercises may be a major reason why folks offer up training.

Stunning Your Guns Into Action, Plus Ways to Generate Bigger and More Impressive Biceps and Triceps

When it comes to arms, you gotta keep it uncomplicated and really feel each rep. You better believe it - feel. Hook up your brain with the muscle you're wanting to work. Can you really feel the triceps burning while you carry out that set of 1000 close-grip bench-presses? Otherwise, look at your form - you are most probably attempting to lift a lot more than you are capable of (therefore recruiting other bigger muscle groups to take on the bulk of the load).

Exercise Ball - Secret to a Toned Body Today?

Exercise balls were first used by Mary Quinton, A Physiotherapist from Switzerland. She primarily used them to treat newborns and babies. Now, this elastic soft PVC, having a diameter of roughly 35 to 85 centimeters, is most often used in physical therapy, athletic training and exercise. Simply looking at it as a big ball, you must know that it has various uses and functions for you to be fit.

How To Gain Muscle And Lose Fat Employing This One Strategy

So many people want to know how to gain muscle and lose fat to achieve a muscular toned body. This article will discuss one strategy that has been proven to be especially useful for the purpose of both gaining muscle and losing fat. This strategy overcomes the one inherent problem involved in accomplishing both these goals at the same time. When it comes to gaining muscle and losing fat at the same time there is one inherent problem.

5 Great Muscle Building Foods

There are foods that have been shown to assist the body build muscle quickly especially when you are doing one form or another of exercise like weight lifting. These foods also help the body burn belly fat and should be included in the right proportions for anyone looking to bulk up their muscles or lose belly fat or both. Also look out for the 3 tricks that will have you gaining muscle up to 33% faster than ever before at the end of this article.

Safe Weight Training for Teens

To be safe, teens below the age of thirteen should not undertake a high-impact body building regimen as it may result in injury; however, low impact aerobic workouts such as sit-ups and push-ups are acceptable. It is also very important for teens to get expert supervision and guidance before undertaking any body building program. Here are some tips on safe body building for teenagers.

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