The Importance of Your Personal Image

First impressions are lasting ones! At least that's what my mom always told me. I also heard this quite a bit during my first two years of college. But what does that really mean to a business professional? If I were to walk into a boardroom with top company executives to present them with a proposal to invest in my recruiting business and I was wearing a really nice blazer, a pair of jeans and some really nice Kenneth Cole flats.

Insurance Logos

The world has become an insecure place to live. At every stage we require assurances that we will live longer. Our valuable assets need as much security. Hence for the last thirty decades insurances of various kinds have mushroomed. It started with health, then cars, accident policies, home security... you name it and there is an exclusive company catering to our needs.

Logo Design Services - More Effective Than Automated Software

Logos play an important role in the business world. It is the logo of a company that helps a company makes its own identity. Logo acts as a brilliant source for customers and clients to recognize a company. Perfectly designed logos can be put anywhere and have assurance to give positive impact on the company branding efforts. Custom logo design helps business in building its corporate image in market while competing with its competitors.

Personal Branding - Why Dirty Laundry is Your Friend

I'm a former cocaine addict who used to weigh 285 pounds. Yes, I say "former addict, " and no, I've never sought treatment since 2007 when I gave up the habit. No, I've never sought treatment for my food addiction, either. I'm stubbornly insisting that I can manage by myself. Why am I telling you this? Well, it would be difficult to write an article about authenticity without being authentic.

Brand Naming Your Business

An established brand name can instill confidence and motivate a buyer into making a purchase. A customer will buy only when he or she is able to associate a set of positive impressions surrounding the product or service. And while extolling the gains and benefits of your products and services is comparatively easy when face to face with a customer, selling your goods to a faceless audience can be just as difficult.

Web Content and Analytic Management - The Perfect Marriage For Branding

Not so long ago the world of graphs, statistics and analytics belonged to the strategists, planners and accountants seated around the boardroom table. Now it is a critical component of good website content management. You can get a website up and running in a few minutes, but can you drive traffic to it? Understanding and utilizing the detailed statistics, graphs and analytics search engines and hosting providers supply is a must for any content writer.

Brand Experience - The Secret to a Great Brand?

As a relatively recent Apple convert, I am still at that early stage of wonder and curiosity as I walk the path otherwise known as the Apple Brand Experience. So far, I have collected a number of really positive experiences since acquiring my beautiful little MacBook. The most notable one so far is the fact that my MacBook works. Yes! Simple things.

The Poetic Dimension of Chinese Brand Names

A great brand name is one of the most important assets of a company. It conveys the brand identity, it tells people what the company does and why it does it better than others, and it gives space for creative design and communication developments. Indeed, a great brand name tells a story about your business, a story that transforms your brand into a broader idea: the business, the product, the service, but first and foremost, the promise you make to your customers.

You Too Can Be a Fluke - Branding Through Tag Lines

When Bobby Fluke inherited his father's business, he decided the company needed a good tag line. But what can you do with Fluke Transportation? As it turns out, a lot. Tag lines are an extremely effective means of promoting recognition of your product or service. "Melt in your mouth, not in your hand." "Just do it." "The quicker picker-upper." "You deserve a break today.

An Exhibition Myth - Beauty Begets Sales

Name me an industry that does not exploit beauty, as a whole, and take aggressive and thoughtless acts in an act of consumerism. Beauty begets sales, so the people say... you can't promote beer with a beautiful lady holding it. You can't sell air tickets without using pictures of a handsome couple holding hands against a backdrop of a popular holiday destination.

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