Capturing Your Brand - Do Not Let Your Efforts Be Compromised

Why You Must Capture Your Identity The purpose of capturing your identity is to ensure that all the branding work you do is protected. You do not want to go through the effort of creating your brand only to find out that later you are in competition over your brand with someone else or another business. This is especially true on the Internet where many of the rules of business, trademarks, patents, copyrights, and other legal protections are not well defined or easily challenged.

Branding Your Business Successfully

Branded office stationary is one of the single most important aspects of your business. It makes your staff feel more proud and gives your customers more faith. Most importantly it makes your brand memorable. Think about how many offices you have been to where the folders and the stationary are standard issue, bulging, untidy and just stacked on a shelf collecting dust.

Personal Branding - A Must to Position Yourself As a Top Internet Marketer

If you want to be a top Internet marketer, you have to know about (and make use of) personal branding. It's a great thing to have a product or service to sell, but what happens when you want to establish other Internet businesses, or if you decide to endorse something? If people don't know who you are, you won't have any influence over whether or not they buy from you.

Do You Feel Guilty Charging For Services That Actually Help People?

I've noticed a common thread running through new business owners: they feel guilty charging for services that actually help people. Oh, they may charge something small, but charging something that allows them to pay their own bills can become gut-wrenching. Pretty ironic, isn't it? That's why spiritpreneur or heartpreneur business owners often fail to thrive.

Essential Logo Design Tips

When designing, ask yourself, "Is this balanced? Do I need this? Is this necessary? It's all about balance. If your visual talent, meaning; your eyes disagree, for even an instance, scratch the idea. A logo must make sense immediately. Designing a logo is both an art and a science. However, in order to be a good designer you must master, certain elements, described further below.

Getting Real With Your Business

As business people, we tend to put on a guise of how we think business people are supposed to act. This notion is derived from how we believe we should be perceived by others, the business-like image we are expected to portray. But many times, it is not us. A lot of owners and entrepreneurs think they need to leave behind the kind of person they are at home and put on the status quo.

The Pens You Use Actually Reflect Your Company

There are many types of writing instruments to choose from and they should reflect your company and its products. Don't hand out cheap click pens when you sell high dollar products. Have the pen reflect the value of the products and services you provide. I actually heard of a broker handing the purchaser a chewed up pen to sign documents to buy a multi-million dollar building.

What's Your Brand?

We've all heard it before. To be effective in marketing you need to determine what you do differently from everyone else. How can you stand out in your crowd of competitors? This is very true and good advice but is not the complete picture. We often focus on our services and what can we do differently to stand out. But we also need to dig a layer deeper and understand what traits or talents do we have that are unique to us that will allow us to not only create a unique brand but also allow that brand to be authentic to who we are and what we do.

Custom Business Signs Give Your Business a Visual Identity

Use A Custom Business Sign To Distinguish Yourself We live in a highly competitive age. With the economy drooping like eyelids on New Year's day, people are scrambling to find employment and do business wherever they can. One industry that is doing well is the advertising industry - people are investing what money they have in getting themselves noticed in this day of uncertainty.

What Can a Brand Do For My Company Or Product?

Branding is actually part of a marketing strategy that every business should do. It establishes a vision of what you represent in the customers' mind. A brand can even control your bottom line. For example, if you portray a poor brand, then you'll not get many customers or sales. But if you give out a good, well-respected message then that can only mean you'll generate more customer and more sales (your bottom line).

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