Capturing Your Brand - Do Not Let Your Efforts Be Compromised

Why You Must Capture Your Identity

The purpose of capturing your identity is to ensure that all the branding work you do is protected. You do not want to go through the effort of creating your brand only to find out that later you are in competition over your brand with someone else or another business. This is especially true on the Internet where many of the rules of business, trademarks, patents, copyrights, and other legal protections are not well defined or easily challenged. It does not take large amounts of money to register names; so it is wise to do your diligence and register your identity before you begin building your brand.

Decide What You Want for Your Brand

Whether you are looking to establish your name as a brand, a slogan, a trade name, or other identity; search it out on the Internet. Do Google and other searches to determine your competition. If you find that your choice produces huge general results or significant results from a single source; your challenge of taking control of that identity will be greater. Obviously the less competition you find; the easier it will be to capture your identity.

Less competition works in your favor to capture the identity. You will still need to work hard creating your identity; you just will not need to fight through a lot of clutter.

How Do I Capture My Identity

First, you must register with the various Social Networking sites; especially the high profile sites. This is true whether you plan to use the particular Social Networking service, today, in the future, or maybe never. Do not take unnecessary risks with your brand and identity; thinking that it will not matter.

There are many companies that paid millions of dollars when they failed to grasp the potential of the Internet and did not register their brand and trade names. Instead of paying a few dollars to capture their identity they had to "buy" their Internet identity from others who had anticipated the opportunity and registered the brands and trade names. Because there were no laws or other preventions in place; these entrepreneurs took advantage of the loopholes and profited tremendously.

Have an Identifying Picture

Second, if you are trying to create your brand, use quality pictures that present you as you want to be recognized. This is especially true on the professional or business sites. I find nothing more off-putting than a picture that presents you in less than a professional light. There are places for the unprofessional, yet appropriate, pictures; just not your avatar (public picture that identifies you).

This comment about a picture is important in many ways; it says that consistency and a consistent message are critical and your picture is one form of that message.

Failure To Capture Your Identity and Create a Consistent Message

Whether you are going to participate on the site or not, you need to capture your Brand Name. Can you imagine Pepsi capturing their brand name on bottles, but not cans? I cannot imagine that anymore than I can image you registering with LinkedIn, but not Facebook. You will want to syndicate your efforts across the various Social Networking sites, so register your name for when that time comes.

Did you ever hear about Walt Disney and Mortimer Mouse? That was Walt Disney's first character, but it was taken from him by a business partner, because he did not protect his interests. Do not be a Walt Disney and lose your Mortimer Mouse; you cannot afford to miss your opportunities or lose your hard work!

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