What's So Good About Aloe Vera?

Aloe Vera has been in use for thousands of years, in fact many ancient civilizations used it. It is part of the lily family producing tall stems with yellow flowers, it can be found growing in many hot places around the world. There are many products made from Aloe Vera these days - from drinking gels, creams, lotions, deodorants, tooth gel, it can even be found it toilet paper and tissues to make them softer on the skin!

How to Choose the Right Eye Cream Product

There are many eye cream products out there and if you do not choose wisely, you may end up with one that is ineffective or worse, one that damages your skin. Eye cream products are supposed to help you get rid of the signs of aging such as fine lines, dark circles, puffiness, and eye bags. This should be your first indicator of how to choose the right cream for the eyes.

7 Secret Confessions Of A Spray Tan Business Owner!

Have you ever thought of becoming a professional spray tanner but don't know where to start? Use the following as a guide to get you off to a quick start. 1.Increase Your Knowledge And Expertise In The Spray Tanning Industry. If you are just a beginner obviously you are going to need to increase your knowledge. Here are just a few questions you will need to know.

Five Reasons Why You Should Use A Handcrafted Honey Castilian Soap

The history of Castilian soap goes back to the 1600's where in a region of Spain known as Castile an olive oil based soap was made. The name Castilla (or in English, Castile) means land or region of castles, refers to the castles built in the area to solidify the Christian re-conquest from the Moors. Prior to the discovery of Castilian soap all soap was made from tallow, an animal fat.

IPL Laser Hair Removal - Are There Any Side Effects?

With all forms of treatment to the body there is always some risk of side effect. In this IPL or Home Laser treatment for the removal of unwanted hair is no exception. So what are they? Such side effects can be clearly defined and Temporary and Permanent. In general, if used in accordance with the manufacturers' instruction Permanent side effects are extremely unlikely but there is always the possibility.

Botox Treatment Recovery Tips

When compared with other cosmetic treatment options, the road to Botox recovery is quite easy. Botox is a substance that is injected without anesthesia, and patients are released immediately following the procedure. The side effects are few and far between, with preventative measures available when risks do pose an issue. By knowing how to properly recover from your Botox treatment, you are effectively bettering your chances of obtaining the outcome you're after.

Thermage - What Should You Expect?

You have decided to give Thermage a try to restore your youthful beauty that seems to be fading, but you have some pre-procedure jitters. You know this is a non-invasive beauty treatment and that there will be no knives involved, but you also aren't quite sure what non-invasive means and what you should be expecting. You have come to the right place!

To Have Surgery or Not - A Modern Day Beauty Debate

With each passing year, there is more and more debate in all circles of society about whether women should have surgical procedures like facelifts or not. It used to be that there were two options here. Women could have a facelift or they could "age gracefully." No one really wanted to gracefully look older and older, but the thought of allowing someone to cut into their face and lift it all up wasn't very appealing either.

2 Non-Surgical Beauty Treatments Every Woman Should Know About

Plastic surgery is great if you have tons of money to throw away, don't mind everyone knowing you have had some work done, and are willing to risk your natural beauty at the hands of a surgeon who could very well make a human mistake and leave you scarred for life. If you are like most people, you fall off the surgery bandwagon somewhere in there.

3 Reasons You Don't Need a Facelift

Having someone look at pictures of stars like Joan Rivers who have obviously overdone the plastic surgery should be enough to convince anyone not to go under the knife for a facelift. Yet, it is not enough because everyone things they are different. Everyone thinks they can keep it under control and do only the procedures that are absolutely necessary to remain youthful and beautiful to the eye.

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