Chemical Filter For Salons - 3 Reasons Your Salon Air Needs to Be Filtered

Someone once said that being beautiful is hard work. What is also true is that performing the services that make people beautiful can be hazardous. Here are the top 3, no-kidding reasons why your salon air should be continuously filtered.

1. Client Satisfaction---This has always been an important factor in the beauty industry and as grown to be more of an issue as clients look for beauty solutions and experiences that do not expose them to harsh chemicals and fumes.

Green products are becoming more available, but so are new products such as the Brazilian Blowout. And even though there is still controversy about what the Brazilian Blowout contains, most will agree that it produces a smell that is less than appealing.

Filtering the air can keep you from becoming wedged between a rock and a hard place. Constant filtration allows you to offer the latest treatments, and procedures without sacrificing air quality in your salon.

2. Staff Health---Many people who own a salon also work there. If you are one of those people, include yourself in this group. Your co-workers are in the salon for regular and prolonged amounts of time. Some people may be fine and show no signs of irritation from the fumes produced by the products used for manicures, pedicures, perms, and dyes. But breathing these volatile organic chemicals is not healthy for anyone.

Then there are those who are highly sensitive to the fumes. This may result in a dull headache, dry throat, burning eyes and their feeling light-headed or nauseous.

Unless the volatile organic chemicals that evaporate into the air from many beauty products are filtered, they are unable to do their best job. Left unchecked this can cause your salon to lose talent people who will probably take many of their clients with them to another salon. So protecting your staff's help by filtering out the airborne chemicals can also help you protect your bottom line.

3. Exceeding Air Quality Standards----Many state and local governments are now requiring salons provide proof of adequate circulation and filtration in their shops. This is often accomplished with filters that are connected to the central heating and air conditioning systems.

Having stand-alone air cleaners with multi-filtration stages that are designed to eliminate chemicals can often exceed the local requirements, and put you miles ahead of other shops in the area in terms of your willingness to exceed local requirements.

The word will get out about the clean and fresh smell that you salon is able to provide for your clients. And that kind of publicity is a win, win situation for all.

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