Simple and Easy Sacroiliac Joint Exercises for Quick Relief

Your SI joint, or sacroiliac joint, is found in your pelvis. It connects your upper body and back to your hips and legs. Pain in this part of your body can be often be felt down to your buttocks or at the back of the thigh. When there is injury or inflammation in this area, it can really affect the movement because this is a joint that can transfer the upper body weight to your lower body.

Finding a Reliable Chiropractor - 6 Tips

Don't know a chiropractor? Below are six simple ways to help you find a professional chiropractor in your area- 1. If you do not know where to start - ask your friends, relatives and any one you know who may have personal experience with a chiropractor. Whether it be looking for a health professional or any kind of service, a simple act of just asking can help you find referrals for a reliable chiropractor 2.

The Effectiveness of Chiropractic Care in Work Injuries

Injuries from work can cause severe and debilitating symptoms such as pain, numbness, and tingling. A worker may also experience reduced work productivity, temporary or permanent disability, inability to perform job tasks, lost time from work, and an increase in worker's compensation costs. Such problems may result from work that includes lifting heavy items, as well as from office work, such as sitting at a computer for long periods of time.

Upper Back Pain and The Exercises For It

The doctor calls it thoracic inflammation but to you it is upper back pain. There is no age restriction on when this pain can develop. Muscular irritation is the primary reason someone might have this pain. All back issues makes it hard to function. People with bad posture are more likely to develop thoracic pain. There are many other reasons. Back aches usually result from damage suffered in an accident.

What Is the Psoas Muscle and How Does It Cause Back Pain?

The psoas muscle (which is sometimes referred to as the Iliopsoas) is a large muscle that connects the upper back and the inner thigh. Though it might be difficult to imagine how a muscle could make this connection, the psoas is an extremely important muscle. It help to stabilize and torso as well as rotate the hips. This muscle helps you sit up from lying down, stand up from sitting down, and it helps you walk.

I Can't TAKE It Anymore, Sciatica Home Treatment Is a Must!

Ever since I've been involved in back pain home treatment, I've been studying and researching anything that is relevant with back pain and sciatica related material and research. Since I found an amazing Sciatica home treatment and the most helpful low back pain stretches, I have been helping others with back pain. Every once in a while, I hear a story that shocks and angers me again.

Bulged Disc Takes A Swing

We all struggle to succeed. When you become the first person to ever reach an event for the first time for the country you represent, it is a great honor. A lifetime of dedication, hours of daily practice, constant determination, All for nothing due to back-pain most likely from a bulged disc. So is the story this week of Arjun Atwal, the first Indian golfer to ever reach the PGA Pebble Beach National Pro-Am.

How To Get Rid Of a Bulged Disk

The question is, can you actually get rid of it. The medical world is a very fluid one. Concepts and ideas keep on changing as we find out more with every new advance in technology and the development of new instrumentation. The field of back pain, especially one resulting from a bulged disc has been an elusive one. Up until a month ago, if back pain brought a patient to the doctor, the first suspect was a bulge in the disc.

Think You Have A Bulged Disc? Dance The Pain Away

One of the recommended methods for back pain treatments is cognitive therapy. Speaking to a therapist about your back pain has been shown to aid in pain relief. What does a shrink have to do with dancing you ask? Well, to answer that question, I'm going to take you a few years back, to the period of time when I was searching for back pain relief from my bulged disc at L4 and a ruptured one at L5.

New Study Reveals - Chiropractors Help Back Pain From Bulged Disc, But Not For Those With Sciatica!

A recent study recently published this month, came to the conclusion that chiropractors DO help about two thirds of patients with back pain. That should come as no surprise to most of us. Otherwise the whole field of chiropractic treatment would have disintegrated a long time ago. A bulged disc is usually the cause for most back pains, and most of the western population over the age of thirty has back pain at some point in their lives.

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