Chiropractic - An Alternate Treatment for Sciatica

Sciatica is a series of symptoms that is caused when the sciatic nerve (the largest nerve in body running from the bottom of the spinal cord passing through pelvis, hips, and feet) is misaligned or inflamed. Generally, it can be caused from any number of factors such as an automobile accident, or a sports injury or even pregnancy, to name a few.

Find a Chiropractor and Get Multiple Health Benefits

Any kind of pain in your body can cause a lot of trouble and really should be addressed with immediate attention. The medical market is full of products, such as medicines, miracle pills, and even machines that claim to cure all kinds of pain. However, most of these products are costly and are often associated with multiple side effects. If you have back pain, shoulder pain, or leg pain, etc.

Lumbar Support Belt - Pain Saving Facts You Need to Know

If you want to protect yourself from debilitating back pain, then you may want to learn how to properly wear a lumbar support belt. Lower back pain has become very common these days. In fact, it is the second most common reason why people visit their doctor and also one of the most common reasons why people spend time off work. A good lumbar support belt stabilizes your pelvis, lumbar spine, and SI joints, thus providing you with maximum lower back pain relief.

Can Too Much Coffee Cause Sciatica? The Strange Truth Behind Your Cup of Joe

Okay, this is another odd-ball article topic here, but please bear with me. Have you ever wondered if the coffee you grab in the morning on the way to work might be causing your back pain and sciatica? Well, of course there are foods that you can eat that either hurt or help inflammation in your body, which may contribute to back pain. Foods like junk food, fast food, red meats, fried foods, pastries, and cakes are of course not good for you.

Different Sciatica Treatment Methods

When it comes to suffering with sciatica many are so tired of the pain that they are ready to find a sciatica treatment method that will work for them. Sciatica can many times make people feel like that they can no longer do the things that they once enjoyed and when this happens you begin to feel as though sciatica has taken over your life. Well the good news is that there are many different methods of sciatica treatment out there that can help you with being able to regain control of your life and once again being able to do the things that you enjoy and have so terribly missed.

How to Cure a Stiff Neck

Recently one of my closest friends asked me how to cure a stiff neck. She confided that she suffers from chronic stiff neck and is in pain most of the week. If you've ever had a stiff neck you know it can radiate excruciating pain. Your whole life is more difficult to live. Every movement, every sneeze, every turn can mean pain. It slows down your quality of life and takes the wind out of your sail.

Spinal Injury

Any injury to your head or spinal cord is a potentially serious injury. A spinal injury, depending on which part of the cord is injured, could be totally paralyzing, partially paralyzing, and could affect your ability to breathe among other things. Spinal cord injuries can be complete or incomplete; a complete injury meaning that the person is paralyzed below the point of the spine injury and incomplete meaning that there is some movement or feeling below the injury point.

Relieve Back Pain, Eat Healthy - The Choice Is Yours

Millions of people struggle through the agony of back pain every day. Many turn to pain relievers and other medicines to achieve relief so they can get through their day by day lives. What most do not realize is a few small changes to their daily schedule can seriously improve their health and relieve this pain. One easy change that can be made involves diet.

Sciatica and the Sacroiliac Joint

The sacroiliac joint is the location where your pelvic bones articulate with the sacrum. If you look at someone from behind you will notice a divot or dimple on either side of the spine in the low back above the buttocks. This point is called the PSIS or Posterior Superior Iliac Spine. The sacroiliac joint lies deep to this landmark. When things are functioning properly the two pelvic bones rotate very slightly at this joint when we walk.

Nagging Back Pain May Be From Belly Fat

Many of my patients who suffer from back pain also have extra belly fat. This isn't always the case but it can dramatically cause back pain to linger when there is extra weight to carry. The extra abdominal weight places undue stress on the low back muscles and changes the correct posture for the spine. There are a few tips I can share to help reduce the strain on the low back from the stomach.

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