The Importance of Astrology in Marriage Proposals in India

Marriages are said to be made in heaven. In India, it is even more so. This is because the Indian people, especially those belonging to the Hindu community prefer to marry their sons and daughters after matching their respective horoscopes. The Indian system of horoscope making is quite complex and is based on the precise influence and positioning of the moon at the time of a person's birth.

House Number Seven - Numerology For the 21st Century Reveals Its Meaning

Do you live in a House or Apartment Number Seven? Numerology in the 21st Century Reveals Continuing with this series of articles giving you insight into where you live, in the meantime consider this: the house or apartment of where you live, even the block of land - chose you! That's right, even though you might think you chose where you live I have news for you, it chose you.

Are You Cut Out to Be an Entrepreneur Or Employee Based on Your Chinese 8 Characters

At times like this, you might be wondering if you should go into business, or just work for someone. For some, it might be better for them to remain as employees, while for others, they might fare better as entrepreneurs. In this article, you will learn how to determine whether entrepreneurship or having a job is a better route for you, just basing on your Chinese 8 characters.

Golfer Colin Montgomerie's Zodiac Signs, Personality and Astrology Birth Chart As Ryder Cup Captain

Let's try something a bit different here - how about a birth chart and zodiac sign / astrology sign review of a notable golfer who's quite famous in Europe. And he'll be getting even more attention in the coming year as the 2010 European Ryder Cup Captain. Colin Montgomerie was chosen as the 2010 Euro Ryder Cup captain despite Sandy Lyle really pushing for the captain's spot.

Basic Practical Applications of Chinese Astrology Part I

This article will touch on the basics of Chinese astrology. Due to the huge amount of information, I have decided to split this article into 3 different parts. By the end of this article, you will be able to have an idea of how Chinese astrology works, as well as how you can create more good luck for yourself by applying the information. You are probably already familiar with the 12 animals of Chinese astrology.

On Reading the Astrological Birth-Chart

There are many astrology students who feel confident in astrological techniques and the knowledge of their own birth-chart. Yet, for some reason, there is often a lack of confidence in how to effectively read the charts of other people. What is the stumbling block? Perhaps there is a feeling of not being good enough or that there is more to learn.

Do You Know Your Lucky Number?

The science of numbers is probably as old as the history of human thought. Many believe human existence, behavior and thought to be the vehicle of divine expression, and it is possible by applying the science of numbers to learn the laws of divine expression and derive an understanding of the constitution of the Universe, right down to the most trivial happening in its evolutionary progress.

Understanding Elements As They Relate to Zodiac Signs

Grasping the attributes of a zodiac sign involve far more than just determining the date of birth of a person. In this article, we take a look at how elements impact the particulars of a person born under a specific sign. What are elements? Well, you've probably seen the answer in movies at some point. They are the four fundamental things on our planet - air, water, earth and fire.

Virgo Star Sign

Virgo energy is all about perfection, if it's not perfection, it's nothing at all. This energy demands perfection, and will notice the smallest detail. Happiness for Virgo is perfection, but since this is very hard to achieve you may have to settle for excellence. Some of the other signs have the ability to come up with a great idealistic vision - but not Virgo - they are the once who recognize the vision and create form to these great ideas to serve humanity.

Astrology And Our Emotions

Our personal horoscope is like a recipe of our individuality and many complex influences require interpretation from an experienced astrologer. It is generally a dominant need of us all to we can understand our love nature and also to know the causes for any negative emotional reactions, and so learn to channel our energy more positively. In the case of our well known Sun Sign there is no doubt that the basic analysis will show that our emotional nature, say in the case of Taurus, will be of strong attachment to people and to material affections but in the extreme can become a possessive tendency in relationships.

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