Pisces - The Last But Not Least Sun Sign

Of all the astrology sun sings, Pisces is perhaps the one shrouded in the most mystery. It is the last sign of the zodiac calendar and reflects a winding up of the energy. This manifests in odd ways in that it is often said a Pisces has characteristics found in each of the other eleven signs. Let's take a closer look. The Pisces can manifest in many different personality characteristics.

Zodiac, It's Origins and History

One of the great mysteries is the origin of the Zodiac, and the significance of the figures used in ancient times to represent the various star groups of the constellations. So far, despite extensive research by archeologists and others in the scientific world, no light has been shed on the problem of exactly where and when the Zodiac and it's symbols were designed.

February Planets Forecast - The Uranian Way Horoscope

February begins with Sun + Venus= Venus + Hades = 0 cardinal, and the Sun will be making a 135 degree aspect to Hades -- a day that is not very pleasant with money at the root of the problem. Mars is 135 aspect to Uranus, and angry eruptions can occur. Drive carefully, since Mars Uranus hard aspects can be predict accidents. This duo can also mean instability at work.

Did You Read Your Horoscope Today?

The fun and fantasy of daily fortunes Every morning, hundreds of thousands of people around the world will research the pages of the newspaper, flip to the back of their magazine or maybe surf on-line in order to find their day-to-day horoscope. Regardless of whether they're true believers or perhaps are merely having fun with the future, finding their own horoscope is a huge component in their existence every morning.

Horoscope For February 2010

Aries - (March 20 - April 19) So, how do you feel about all this psychic stuff, Aries; messages from angels; knowing who is going to call you in advance of the ring? Of course you probably want to know the winning lotto number - I guess some things take time. The gates to your solar 12th house are open this month, Aries. It speaks to endings, but also to the opening of your unconscious mind.

Valentine's Day Special - Love Horoscopes For the Year 2010

Aries: You will get plenty of success in your married life and romance. Arians may probably fall in love at first sight as the valentine stars are at their best this year. If you expect a long lasting relationship with an Aries person it will depend upon how full filling his love life is. Don't get too impulsive to cross your limits while buying gifts and presents for your sweetheart.

Can You Do a Horoscope For a Business?

Astrologers believe that everything on Earth that has a beginning has the potential to have a birth chart. After all, when you know what time something starts you can immediately see what the planets were doing, at this particular time. A business is no different from anything else, though there is the question of what you take as the start date.

Be Careful When Asking Astrologers and Psychics About Your Love Life

Everyone wants to know about their love lives. Whether they're going to meet someone special, whether their boyfriend will marry them, whether the man or woman of their dreams will ever take them seriously. As a result, romance is the bread and butter of many astrologers' work. And in popular, star sign astrology, the emphasis on love is overwhelming.

Practical Astrology - Take Advantage of Your Personal Opportunity Days

Personal opportunity days - we all have them. Even when you are being tormented by the harshest of challenges, from time-to-time, the Universe will cut you a break. And when it does, there is no reason to be shy be shy. Take full advantage of the energy. Where and how do you find these jewels? All you need is a copy of your birth chart and a current ephemeris or astrological calendar showing daily planetary positions.

Basics of Astrology

The study of or divination based on the supposed influence of the stars upon the multiple events such as human life events. This art or practice by using omens or magic powers to foretell the future is commonly known as astrology. Astronomy is interwoven with astrology according to our ancestors. Many different arenas of life are included in this ancient science which involves the study of movement of planets and stars.

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