Aquarius - March 2011 - Monthly Horoscopes

This year started off good for you Aquarius and its more of the same in March. You'll find that you have the ability to drive the point home this month, so take advantage of any opportunities to speak during meetings. That also holds true for the home front and your love life. You'll hit home runs when you tell your spouse or loved ones just how much you care.

March 2011 Monthly Horoscopes for Sun Sign Capricorn

The darker side of Capricorn rears its ugly head as you try to juggle too many balls. Your career and home life are both demanding your attention right now. The pressure makes you not only cranky but down right difficult to live with. You'll find that taking a few minutes to yourself and decompressing is your best bet, particularly through this month of March.

The Age Of Aquarius In 2012 - Huge Idea Guide

Astronomers accept that the earth is slowly shifting towards the age of Aquarius. The age of Aquarius is after the age of Pisces. We are now in the age of Pisces. According to astromoners, a new age will occur approximately every two thousand years. Every 2k years, the spring equinox happens in an earlier constellation. The spring equinox has occurred numerous times in the Pieces age.

Love Star Signs - Aries Explained

Aries (the ram) March 21st to April 20th In the mythology of the Golden Fleece, Phrixus and Helle, who were brother and sister, had angered Hera, Queen and wife of Zeus. Helle was to be sacrificed but they escaped by flying across the sea from Greece to the north on the back of the ram with the Golden Fleece. Helle fell and was drowned in the sea which was named after her (Hellespont, a narrow passage between the Aegean Sea and the Sea of Marmara, known today as Dardanelles).

Leo - March 2011 Monthly Horoscopes

Your creative juices are flowing this month as you see a big boost in new projects in March 2011. Don't get creative with the money however. You'll find that everything you purchase this month will end up gathering dust. You'll need the money later so put a lock on your purse strings and be resolute about pinching pennies. You may find later a legal snag or big bill needs your attention.

On Our Journey We 'Died' At Death - Now We Are 'Reborn'

On our Journey through the Tarot we encounter Temperance Having 'died' when you encountered 'DEATH' it's now time to assimilate me into your psyche, to bring balance, to experience LIFE. Stop parcelling your life into separate segments, stop analysing every moment, live in the NOW and be who you want to be and not as others expect of you. This is the message of your journey, have you discovered YOU?

The Magi Cards: Learning the Basics Which Are Related to Tarot and Astrology

The ancient Magi cards are similar to the Tarot and other Divination decks of cards as well as the regular playing cards we are so familiar with. This system is also referred to as the Mystic Cards and the Quadrate system. It is also similar to Astrology in that there are elements and planetary energies affecting the Magi Card natal and progressed charts.

How To Fortune Tell By Interpreting A Person's Face

Physiognomy, also called anthroposomancy, is a way by which the characteristics or temperament of an individual are interpreted by their facial appearances. The earliest history of this art was practiced almost 3, 200 years ago in the Chou Dynasty. Some inner feelings that get expressed and deciphered are: A tired and drawn look indicates worry or over-stretching.

Tea Leaf Reading

Tea leaf reading refers to fortune telling. This originated in China almost 5000 years ago. The reader relaxes and concentrates to study the patterns made by the residue of tea leaves in china cup and make predictions based on intuition and clairvoyance for interpreting various symbols. Materials used in this reading are tea granules or leaves, steaming water, wide mouthed china cup with saucer and spoons.

Working With A Leo Employee - 4 Things Every Conscious Leader Should Know

Learning to Relate With a Leo sun sign in the Workplace Every Conscious Leader or Conscious Manager wants to know how to best work with his or her people. Knowing how an employee thinks is critical to understanding employee behavior. With this knowledge, Conscious Leaders can take the most effective action to solve problems with employees and, importantly, grow them.

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