Our Journey of the Tarot Continues - Strength

On our Journey through the Tarot continues - the card of Strength Some call me the Enchantress; some call me La Force; others call me Power. You will soon come to understand me as Love! Love is not some four lettered word, love is not sex as you know it, love is not mere sentimentality; love is not something you fall in and out of! Love is the acceptance of your Self and in accepting yourself -accepting all others.

Our Journey of the Tarot Continues - The Hanged Man

On our Tarot Journey we encounter the Hanged Man... Whenever I appear in any layout (and my preferred layout is the Horoscope Spread) know your life has reached a point of suspension! It's time to stop fighting with 'yourself' and suspend ALL activities, to listen and hear what I have to say. Trust in me as I ask you to ponder on the miseries of your world.

Secrets of the Piscean Era Revealed

How many of you believe I'm all bad? There's been so much bad press about my time, the Piscean Era, that I've decided when it was my turn, I would speak up and tell you my side of the story. And it is my time right now as the Sun started moving through Section 12 which is named Pisces, after the Pisces constellation who transmits through me for Mother Earth.

Steve Jobs Astrology

Steven Jobs (born February 24, 1955, rectified birth time 18:49 PM San Francisco CA), the co-founder and chief executive officer of Apple Inc., has announced again that he is taking a medical leave of absence from Apple Inc. It's the latest chapter in the visionary CEO's tale of health woes, a story that began in 2004. Steve Jobs health has many Apple followers uneasy about their future.

2012 Ascension and Psychic Insight

Now there can be no doubt there is a new energy in the air. It is all a part of the 2012 ascension. Psychics and lightworkers are aware of this empowering energy. Many others also recognize the new power inside of the energy vibration now present upon our earth. If stress and confusion appear to be rising to surface more than ever before here is the way towards clarity and insight.

Love Star Signs - Looking for Star Sign Compatibility With Pisces

Pisces is a water sign and is intuitive and emotional. It is also of a mutable modality which speaks of flexibility and adaptability. The first place to look for star sign matches is with the other two water signs of Cancer and Scorpio. Will they offer star sign compatibility? Pisces/Cancer. Emotionally you are very compatible together, sometimes you just instinctively know what the other person requires for succour.

Love Star Signs - Pisces - What Is Your Star Sign Compatibility?

The two elements that are not compatible with Pisces element of water are fire and air. Fire contains Aries, Leo and Sagittarius but will we find star sign compatibility here? Pisces/Aries. This is a tough one. You will be very attracted to each other at first but that may burn off as your differences come to the surface. You will eventually dowse Aries fire and they will cause you to lose your cool and the result will be detrimental to you both.

Our Journey Through the Tarot Continues - Encountering Death

Continuing our Journey through the Tarot - Death... One of the most misunderstood cards in the Tarot Deck - Death. The old must make way for the new this is my message when I appear in any layout. Only through the 'death' of present circumstances can you be 'released.' Be prepared to meet new people, new ideas will enter your mind, it'll be stimulated, bringing changes to your thinking and creating a reconstruction!

Leo the Lion and Money

Leo is one of the most luxurious signs and fully enjoys all the pleasures that life and money have to offer. This sign is also willing to work very hard to achieve its goal and as a result, most lions end up having quite a bit of the green stuff in their lifetime. However, they are also very generous with what they have and aren't at all against sharing the wealth, provided that they are being thanked and appreciated.

Moon Goddess's New Moon in March 2011

Have you wondered why I'm starting to predict the future or haven't you noticed? Or how I'm able to help you strip away the veil to your psychic intuitive nature where your psychic abilities lie? Both answers lie in my New and Full Moon times when Mother Earth, the Sun and I are lined up, connecting with each other most intimately. Magnetic Pull on the Shores of Your Feelings When the three of us are all lined up, there's a magnetic pull on the waters of Mother Earth.

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