Love Star Signs - Virgo In-Depth

Virgo (the Virgin) Aug 23rd to Sept 23rd

Mythology: Persephone who was the goddess of the spring season was kidnapped by Hades the god of the underworld. Persephone's mother Dementer, who was goddess of the harvest, ruined the harvest in her grief. Persephone was permitted to return to assist her mother in the harvest but only for 6 months of each year. This is said to be why Virgo's constellation is only visible from March to August.

Positive traits: Virgo is an earth sign which makes them practical and controlled. Their modality is mutable which gives them flexibility. Virgo are very meticulous and diligent. They are intelligent people who are concerned with the logical approach to matters. They are profound analysts of matters great and small.

Negative traits: Virgo takes perfectionism to the extreme. Their overcritical natures can make them seem harsh and unforgiving. They worry constantly about everything under the sun and are very fussy.

General: Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac. They are obsessive about cleanliness and hygiene and everything must be in its place. They can seem reserved and even prudish in their attitude to life and people. They can seem to be emotionally cold but are in fact very generous people although they may tend to suppress this nature along with many other emotions due to a reluctance to reveal their inner selves. They can often be nervous and unsure of themselves which again they may try to cover with a face of bravado. They are very charming and witty with good analytical minds which they use to make seemingly light work of complicated problems. Their finicky attention to detail may cause them sometimes to not see the big picture as they are so concerned with the minutia.

Work: Virgo are very hard working and apply themselves diligently to whatever task they undertake. Their patience and attention to detail makes them good draughtsmen and engineers, doctors and surgeons. Design and technology are good areas for their analytical abilities and they are also good as teachers, personal secretaries, musicians and orators. They can be on the pulse with current trends and so fashion is a good area for their abilities.

Sexuality: Virgo can be a little old fashioned as far as sexual adventure goes. They have good sex drives but are unlikely to bring to life any fantasies that they may imagine. A steady and solid loving relationship is their goal. Some may tend to promiscuity but they will never be sexual predators.

Health: The hands and digestive system are governed by Virgo. They may suffer frequent colds and coughs and their constant worrying nature could cause stomach problems, ulcers and bowel problems.

Compatibility: Star sign compatibility will be found with: Taurus, Capricorn, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Libra.

Ruling planet: Mercury brings powers of the mind to the table including: logic and perception. It also makes you changeable and cold.

Famous Virgoans: Leonard Bernstein-conductor, Sean Connery-actor, Mother Theresa-humanitarian, Lyndon Johnson-US president, D.H. Lawrence-writer, Peter Sellers-actor

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