Christian Louboutin's Red Sole Diary

Christian Louboutin was born and raised in Paris, France and was first heard of in the French fashion scene in 1991 when he introduced his line of high-end women's shoes. His passion for fashion was cultivated by his three sisters. It was, however, an incident at a Paris museum in 1976 that started his interest with shoes. When he went to visit the Musee des Arts Africains et Oceaniens on Avenue Daumesnil, he noticed a pictograph sign prohibiting women wearing stilettos from entering the exhibit.

Art Collection Managed With RFID Applications

Many collectors of art and museum artifacts will have a difficult time when it comes to managing, counting and protecting their collection, whether it's large or small, particularly if it is spread out in several countries. However, with the help of web-based RFID applications the task of managing collections will seem like a breeze. What is the difference in using RFID instead of a barcode?

Choosing Art: The Basics

As you begin your search for art and if you are familiar with the basic types that fit your taste, your search will be simplified. If you are not sure about the types that fit your taste, there are some basic concepts on the types of art that you might consider. First, your choice of art must meet your personal style and preference. Does it elicit a good feeling for you and add to the mode or purpose of the room?

What We Can Learn From Playing Cards?

Many people are against playing cards; for they take it as something that make teenagers go corrupt. Actually, they are blocking them trying new things in life. Life is full of risks, and teens need to learn how to deal with them. Playing cards is not just matter of skills. What we can learn from it can be applied in all aspects of life. Logical thinking We can learn how to apply logical thinking in playing poker, for it is full of puzzles.

Promoting Your Cardmaking Business

Set you your own blog website to sell your Greeting Cards Great! You have your greeting card business organized, and you are intent on making money from greeting cards, now what? You need to promote your cardmaking business. There are ways to promote your greeting cardmaking business that cost almost nothing more than your time. One of the ways you can get up and running on a shoestring is setting up a WordPress blog.

Newsgroups - Their Types

Newsgroups are basically categorized into two types the binary or the text. Being the same in their technicality the only thing that make them different are their names. Newsgroups have worked very well with these binary files but the reason why newsgroup were created was not to only distribute binary files, reason being the working procedure of these binary files where if the file is uploaded once can spread and can also be downloaded by the multiple users at the same time.

Guitar Amps Let You Feel the Music and Feel the Vibe

Once they hit the stage, the chicks scream and the men roar. Rock stars are like music gods which everyone loves and adores. They bring a kind of energy and vibe that electrifies an entire crowd of music lovers and enthusiasts. Good music can put a baby to sleep but can awaken an entire nation. Yes, musicians are professionals trained to produce good music.

Vintage Designer History: Cristobal Balenciaga

Cristobal Balenciaga's name was just as well known in Paris in the late 1940s as Christian Dior, although Balenciaga was in fact from the Basque country and only moved to Paris in 1937 exactly ten years before Diors 'New Look' arrived on the scene. His mother was a seamstress and he took a very early interest into her profession. When he was still very young, he made a copy of a suit worn by Marquesa de Casa Torres, a Spanish noble woman in his town.

How to Become a Famous Actor

Many individuals want to learn how to become an actor. There are numerous talent agencies in the United States and other locations of the world that specialize in assisting individuals that desire acting jobs and other jobs in the entertainment industry. If you have ever dreamed of becoming an actor that is famous and well-loved among many, you are not alone.

Artists Struggle in Lviv Ukraine

Artists have always been known to live on the edge. It is this very edge that has kept them sensitive, creative and imaginative. But what about survival for the-"starving artist"? Short of being a Picasso or a Van Gogh, most artists struggle to survive at the best of times. Add to this equation a creative person living in a developing country and you have the formula for a very challenging life.

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