How to Make Essential Oils Even Without Electricity

A lot of people have fallen in love with what essential oils can do but hesitate to use them because of their costs. Fortunately there are ways for people to make their own oils that will provide the same results as store bought oils and be less expensive while still being all natural. There is even a way to make these oils without the use of electricity.

What Pure Essential Oils Are There?

There are hundreds of different kinds of pure essential oils with each one having a different effect on a body. Since there are so many it can be hard to figure out which one a person should use for what they need it to do. Here is a small list of common essential oils that are often used not only by themselves but also in other products. Basil is most commonly thought of as an ingredient when cooking but extracts from the leaves can also enhance the energy level of the body.

How to Combine Needling and Non-Needle Microcurrent Electro-Acupuncture

I have been an advocate for teaching non-needle electro-acupuncture skills using microcurrent for many years, and my many articles in this publication have explored manifold aspects of this specialty. But let's set the record straight. You won't get me to give up my needles until you pry them from my dead, cold fingers! In my practice I am dedicated to offering my patients what will help them the most, and that often takes the form of varying combination of needle therapies, microlight therapy, herbs and nutrition, core emotional healing and lifestyle recommendations.

An Effortless Method to Get the Green From Outside Your House Into Your Home

There are all sorts of things growing in your backyard that you can utilize in your house. Simple things, things we take for granted, now and then things we try to destroy. The most basic is the dandelion. We fight it continuously in our grass, pulling it, spraying it, and cussing at it. But this stubborn little weed has more benefits than we can imagine.

Botanical Bath With Epsom Salt - Self Indulgence Or Healthy Self-Care?

Do you take time in your busy week for soaking in a bath, or is this a luxury that you can't squeeze into your schedule? You might make time if you understood the many self-care benefits of a botanical bath--a bath upgraded inexpensively with natural Epsom salt and herbs. Or with Epsom salt and aromatherapy with essential oils from fragrant plants.

Feeling Great?

Do you suffer from headaches, allergies, mood swings or just generally not feeling great? It could be your bathroom. Many of the products in our bathroom have ingredients, which can cause all these symptoms and more. In fact, if you read all about what the chemicals in your bathroom products can do to your health and the health of your family you would probably start to feel sick.

How Can You Benefit From and Pursue Alternative Therapy?

Alternative therapy has blossomed into a prime treatment for a wide array of injuries, symptoms and problems you may be experiencing. Not only is this type of therapy an option for numerous problems, there are also several different kinds of alternative treatment and therapies you can pursue. One of the many that has been around for quite some time and is still having an effect on people is magnetic therapy.

Just South of the Border, Down Intestinal Way

Most people don't tend to think of their intestines unless something hurts down there. When they think of bacteria, it is usually in the context of a home invading, mucus producing germ. Which is unfortunate, because without friendly bacteria, we would not have made it out of the birth canal in one piece, so to speak, without flying the friendly flora.

How to Select a Microcurrent Device

INTRODUCTION This brief essay is intended to help professionals who want to get involved with the practice of microcurrent therapy, or microcurrent facial rejuvenation, in wading through the often confusing information encountered when investigating this subject. By its very nature, electro-therapy tends to be difficult to understand for most health and esthetic professionals.

Hemorrhoid Relief - Frequently Asked Questions on How to Relieve Hemorrhoids!

Many people who are suffering a hemorrhoidal condition want to know what they have to do for hemorrhoid relief. Here are some frequently asked questions about how to relieve hemorrhoids. 1. What's a sitz bath? A sitz bath is where you put your bottom in warm water. It helps relieve your hemorrhoidal pain. Only your butt and feet get wet by bending the knees, if you're taking it in a normal bathtub.

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