Shingles Natural Remedies

Shingles (herpes zolster) - is a virus which is characterised by a rash which is made up of blisters and which can be very painful. Usually the rash is on one side of the body. Symptoms can last between two and five weeks, but for some people it can last a lot longer. The initial treatment of shingles is by the use of antiviral drugs which are prescribed by your doctor.

Acidophilus Yeast Infection Treatment - Cure With Home Foods

One of the best ways of treating and curing yeast infections is by the use of foods that contain acidophilus bacteria. What are acidophilus bacteria? These bacteria are capable of curing any kind of yeast infection on your body, sometimes within a few hours. Now, you'll get to know foods that contain these acidophilus bacteria and how to use them effectively to permanently cure the infection.

Excessive Perspiration - Natural Treatment

Excessive perspiration can be a big problem for many people - especially in the coming summer months. For the majority of people, perspiration is a natural process that occurs only when they're working out in the gym, lifting something heavy, or running. If you're reading this, however, that's probably not the case for you. For you sweating is a curse that surrounds you everywhere in everyday life.

You Can't Afford Not to Stay Clean

You have choices when cleaning your home, feeding your children or taking a vitamin. You can go with the mainstream and accept dis-ease as part of the future of you and your family or you can jump into the world of wellness and expect nothing less than pure living. You're in the right place if you choose health everyday for your family. It's clear that our current model of healthcare is not working and many are preaching that we need wellness care, not health care.

What Foods Help Heartburn - A GERD Alternative

Many acid reflux sufferers are asking about a GERD alternative - what foods help heartburn? If you are suffering from Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), you may want to consider how your diet impacts your reflux problems. Did you know that most acid reflux problems are caused by a poor diet? It only makes sense that a GERD alternative treatment must include your diet to work.

Natural Cure For Yeast Infection - Review

Getting yeast infection is enough to cap the day, especially if it manages to ravage your features in the process. That may seem like a line but the fact of the matter is that as adults, most of our yeast related infections takes place around the face or in the hard to get at places. You know what I am talking about. Try this for size, you are in the middle of an important client meeting and feel this sudden urge to scratch the living hell out of your crotch?

'Swine Flu' Protection With Aromatherapy Essential Oils

"More than 170 people have been infected with the Influenza A (H1N1virus)or better known as 'swine flu' and approximately 50 people has been confirmed died from the same virus in hard hit Mexico and one in US. Though the World Health Organization (WHO) is referring to the situation as a "public-health emergency of international concern, " the apparent emergence in several countries of an entirely new strain of H1N1 flu virus has led some scientists to believe that it is only a matter of time before the WHO declares pandemic status, a move that could prompt travel bans to infected countries.

Home Kidney Stone Treatment - Is There More Than Water?

This week alone, thousands of sufferers will look for a home kidney stone treatment other than water to help flush their kidney stones. Unfortunately, water can only do so much for helping you pass your problem painlessly. It has been shown that kidney stones bigger than 5 mm may need something more than water to help them pass. If you are serious about flushing your kidney stones painlessly, these 5 tips may help you do that!

Tips to Pass a Kidney Stone - Painlessly!

Are you looking for tips to a pass a kidney stone at home? Thousands of people will search the internet today looking for natural health advice for their pain. Unfortunately, doctors are not doing a great job telling patients how to flush a kidney stone painlessly. Most patients are told that water will do the trick for passing a kidney stone. This is true for kidney stones that are smaller than 5 mm.

Toenail Fungus Tea Tree Oil - Can it Work?

Nowadays, many people are having unfortunately fungal nail infections. It is very bad and painful when the infection is with the toenail. This makes any person develop a shying complex because he or she is not free to stride on road without wearing foot socks. Such a condition should never be ignored. Toenail fungus is as painful as any other ailment.

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