May Contain Traces of Nuts

There is a really fantastic new product on the market called Coconice from Worthenshaws. You may have seen the product featured on Dragons Den; Kirsty Henshaw managed to secure a deal with Duncan Banatyne and Peter Jones for her new coconut dairy free dessert. She created it herself with an ice cream maker, a lot of patience and imagination and little bit of luck;

Milk Allergy and or Milk Protein Intolerance in Infant: How to Help Baby

Give cow's milk to an infant and he is going to grow healthy and strong. Is it true or false?? This is a good question. Humans are the only mammals on the planet who keep consuming milk after the weaning from the mother. Furthermore, humans eat milk products that come from other mammals like cows and goats. This is food for thought. As a parent, how to find out that your infant has milk allergy and/or milk protein intolerance and how to help him.

Some Ideas About Allergy Relief

Are you allergic to anything? Many of us are and we want to know how to get some allergy relief in our eyes. There are many things that a person can be allergic to. Here are ways some get the help they need with the different types of allergies that they have. One way to get the ease from these would be to take medication. Now, there are some who only have to take these during different seasons.

Choosing The Right Air Purifier for Allergy Sufferers

Allergies are not only caused by what we eat, but also by pollutants in the air that can trigger an allergic reaction. The biggest culprit of these pollutants are airborne allergens. Allergy sufferers can get relief by using an air purifier, but you have to remember that each category of allergens will react differently to the type of air cleaner being used.

How Common Is Nickel Allergy?

It is most common form of allergy after poison ivy. This is common among us irrespective of the age and gender but it is quite evident in women. You are a victim of it if you are you suffering from mystery rashes, if earrings render your earlobes itchy, if your necklace leaves rashes around your neckline. Nickel is a beautiful silver-white metal, commonly used in jewelry, earring posts, watchbands, eyeglass frames, hairpins, snaps, buttons, zippers etc.

Medical Urticaria - The Most Unbearable Itching and Scratching

There are thousands of skin problems, some of them are location dependent while others can happen anytime and anywhere. Urticaria is one of them, which commonly can be recognized as rashes and hives. This itchy urticaria is quite capable of making small red patches on your beautiful skin and if not treated in its initial stages, these spots can change their appearance into much bigger patches of red color which you would have to scratch all the time in order to get rid from the disastrous feeling.

Urticaria Itching - Some Prominent Causes

There can be avoidable and unavoidable causes that can be triggers for developing urticaria itching. Some of them have instant impacts while others can take weeks to have maximum affects. Rashes and hives can be very irritating in nature and painful as well. These can also be accompanied by swelling and redness on your face. So this is a problem that has to be treated instantly.

Urticaria Swelling - A Major Problem

Urticaria, a world of rash problem that can end up with something very disastrous for your skin. It is quite a possibility that your skin might not recover from the damage in a sense that the signs of scratching and rubbing your face will never go away. This happens with some people if the immune system is not very strong enough to fight back. Urticaria swelling and urticaria eczema is one symptom that is providing you the confirmation about how bad the situation is and if it is not treated now, then it can become even worse and finally uncontrollable not only from yours but from the doctors hands as well.

My Coffee Shop Allergy

I've noticed a strange occurrence lately, and this has only started happening over the last couple of months. I love coffee and meeting in coffee shops, and since working for myself I often go, just on my own, to be amongst people and check through written work for errors, somewhere away from the phones and other distractions. Well, recently I've noticed that I've started to get a mild asthma attack when I go into coffee shops.

Egg Intolerance Cured

So what's in an egg? The egg is a nutrient-dense food, containing high quality protein and a wide range of essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements; therefore eggs can make a significant contribution to a healthy diet. Once you start to cut foods out of your diet you are limiting the choice and variation of different stuff you can eat. I've recently become very concerned about the trend to cut out food for whatever reason and I'm now on a crusade to promote healthy eating;

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