Acne No More by Mike Walden - What the Customers Love About This Book?

In this article I am going to say what's my opinion about the book Acne No More, by Mike Walden. I am a customer of this book and most important - this book made me get rid of the acne once and for all!

So, I want to tell you what makes this book so successful and if it's worth to buy it or not.

First of all, I loved the way the book is structured. It says some words about the acne - what is it, what causes it -some basic stuff. But the thing I liked most was the holistic approach of the book. That holistic approach means that, according to the author, the acne is not a problem of the skin. It's a problem that comes from the inside of the body and shows up on the outside. It also says that if you want to cure your acne, you have to treat your body, not your skin.

That's the part that touched me! You know, if you have acne you try everything to cure it - lotions, creams, even pills. You know that they are bad for your health, but who cares if they cut off the acne of your face! Eventually you understand how bad they are and you want to find some natural way to get rid of the acne. And that's where Acne No More comes - with this holistic approach of the book all you need to do is to change your eating habits. You may need to cut out some foods and make some sacrifices, but what you want more - your precious foods or to get rid of acne?

Of course you want to get rid of acne! And at the end - I like the book of Mike Walden - Acne no more, because it does not promise you some overnight success like some "magical" pill or cream. What it promises you is that if you make some effort and stick to its methods, you will eventually find the success.

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