Bookkeepers, Accountants, CPA's - What's What and Who's Who?

You might have heard about Aliens vs. Predators. They are two different species from two different galaxies. In the accounting world, it can sometimes seem like that as well, and since I've had client recently ask me what the difference is between bookkeepers, accountants and CPA's, I've decided to write this article to show you the differences and also point out what to look for when you hire one.

Company Registration Options in Singapore

Strategic location and attractive tax benefits make Singapore the most preferred location for the overseas companies to set up their business. Various options are - opening up a Branch Office, a Representative Office or a Subsidiary. The country also has liberal immigration policies. If the company wants to set up their regional head quarters in Singapore they are also provided with Financial Assistance.

Improve Your Business Finances

Managing your business finances can be stressful and time consuming. Doing the following will work wonders. 1. Store your bills in one place Be consistent with where you store these. Misplacing bills can cause you to waste time looking for them. Time is money. Set up a suitable means bearing in mind the amount of mail you receive. 2. Plan to pay your bills on schedule Set up a schedule to pay your bills at set times each month.

How to Select Accounting Software For Your Business

When it comes to choosing a business accounting software for your company, it is not something that you should take lightly. This is because if you make a wrong choice, you are going to spend more money, time and effort to get a new one. So, it is better that you take some time to do the necessary research and make the right choice once and for all.

Words of Wisdom When Finding an Accountant

With the state of the current economy, everyone, from families to multinational corporations, is cutting back to make ends meet. Small businesses are feeling the crunch as well. However, there are certain things that absolutely cannot be cut out of the budget. One of those is the service of a Cincinnati CPA. Whether a company is located in a bustling metropolis or the in suburbs, nothing can replace the experience and insight of Cincinnati accountants to help your business succeed and grow in the current market.

Four Practical Reasons to Use Or Change to Online Accounting

Are you a typical small business owner that wants to be more efficient and save money and meets one of the following scenarios, then read on to learn how an online accounting system can help you save time, and make your employees more efficient, and may even streamline one of your businesses processes to save you money. These are just four common examples that may be indicative of your business.

Hire a Bookkeeper to Make Stress Free Business

If you are the proprietor of the small business corporation you always have workload, as regards to your business finance. The reality is there, and therefore you need to go to the expert to take the stress off your shoulders. Visiting your personal bookkeeper is like to going to dentist. Time is money, the longer you holdup your visit the more it will cost you.

Accounting Basics - What is Accrual Accounting?

The accrual accounting method is a method of managing the accounting of a business in which transactions are recorded at the time they take place even if an exchange of assets has not taken place between the entities involved in the transaction, i.e. payment for the goods sold or services provided was not yet received by the seller and wan not yet made by the buyer.

Accounting Outsourcing - To the Rescue For Loss Making Firms

Have you ever lost sleep on what to do about the constant loss you face because of no sales? Have you been so stressed out that you have nightmares about the balance sheet not tallying? Does the constant need to look at the sales journal makes you want to go nuts? Are you one of those entrepreneurs who would do accounting work and at the same time also look after the business?

Accounting Theory - Basic Accounting Concepts

There are four basic accounting concepts. The concepts specify and explain the guidelines that should be followed when managing the accounting of a business. Below there is a list of the these four basic accounting concepts and a brief summary of each concept. 1. Accruals Concept The accruals concept states that revenue from transactions and transactions which cause liabilities are accounted for when they occur, even if cash or property has not actually been exchanged between the entities involved in the transaction.

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