Are Accountants Being Threatened in Their Own Profession?

This may be a little controversial for some, but then if you are offended, examine your reasons why. I am a professional woman in a so-called 'man's' profession and after over 14 years in accounting and audit, ventured out into my own business. So when I speak of accountants, my focus is the entrepreneur or professional running their own business.

How to Customize the Icon Bar in QuickBooks

The QuickBooks Icon Bar contains shortcuts to help you get to the information, forms, or reports that you want or need to access quickly. This QuickBooks feature can be customized in a number of ways, and depending on your needs, you may want to use some of all of the options available. Displaying or Hiding: To get started, you should know how to set the option for displaying or hiding the icon bar.

Accounts Receivable Factoring - What Is It All About?

Many companies look to stay competitive in the world of today's business, many do so by unleashing the graces of cash flow. Accounts Receivable Factoring helps you do that. Factoring increases the cash flow by transferring the responsibility for the collection of your customer's debt and turning it into funds available for immediate use. The company will lend you money on your discounted accounts receivable and they will keep a percentage after they are collected.

Basic Accounting Principles - What Are They?

There are four basic accounting principles that, along with four basic accounting assumptions and four basic accounting constraints, make up the generally accepted accounting principles, or GAAP, in the U.S. The GAAP are the accounting rules under which businesses record and report their financial earnings and losses for the accounting period. These rules are issued by the Financial Accounting Standards Board, usually in conjunction with other government entities.

ACH Credit Transactions Explained

ACH credit transactions are used all the time for all kinds of reasons. Whether its interest payments from your broker or your monthly social security check, these transactions are an vital part of the ACH network. Although they are used everyday by businesses and even the government most consumers don't even notice them. They have special rules and regulations like all ACH transactions, but don't let that scare you.

What is Accounting Information System?

Accounting information system is a system of records, usually computer based, which combines accounting principles and concepts with the benefits of an information system and which is used to analyze and record business transactions for the purpose to prepare financial statements and provide accounting data to its users. Some accounting information systems are still manual, i.

Outsourcing Accounting and Bookkeeping - Key Advantages

Effective bookkeeping is the backbone of a company's success, and miscalculations can really tax your business. It is critical that your bookkeeping is efficient and chronological, to avoid costly mistakes and inefficiencies. To avoid hiring a professional bookkeeper can be risky. To try and do this, in addition to other administrative or sales tasks, is fraught with danger - data entry errors, oversights, and the wrong stroke of a key can be costly.

Small Business Accounting - Ensuring Smooth Business Processes

It is important for businessmen to discern the status of their business at any point of the time. They should be aware of how much profit their present business strategy is reaping and what all losses are incurring upon the company. This will ensure the success of business or longer time. Whether a business is at large scale or at small, in both the cases accounting plays a crucial role in calculating the total profit and loss of the company every business year.

Factoring - The F is For Flexibility

There are a lot of misconceptions about Factoring accounts receivable. The two biggest myths are It Costs Too Much and Lack of Flexibility. That may have been true in "the old days, " but nothing could be further from the truth today. It May Cost More NOT to Use Factoring Ask someone on the street and they may tell you that factoring will cost you anywhere from 10% to 50% per transaction.

Mind Your Own Business - Getting Started With MYOB and an Inventory Question

Q. Hi I am currently looking at accounting software and need a program that I can use for my business. I need to be able to track raw materials as I buy from different vendors overseas, I also need to track goods sold and delivered, etc. I am a handbag designer and produce my handbags by out-sourcing them to a manufacturer. I need this program for accounting, keeping track of what the manufacturer has as far as materials I've sent to them, and to also control my inventory.

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