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Innovative Project Has Potential To Benefit People With Irregular Heart Beat

Scientists at the University of Leicester are 'painting' the colours of the heart in an innovative project that has potential to bring benefits for millions of people with irregular heart rhythm. An estimated 4.5 million people in the European Union are known to have Atrial fibrillation (AF) - the most common type of arrhythmia or abnormal heart rhythm. The condition affects about 10% of people over the age of 70. Considering the advancing age in the general population and links to body size and obesity, scientists say the increase in AF is almost approaching epidemic proportions. Researchers from the Department of Engineering at the University of Leicester are working with colleagues in the University's Department of Cardiovascular Sciences and St Jude Medical UK to devise a new way of 'mapping' the electrical signals of the heart and creating a colour map of abnormal signals.

Cardio Training

Today it seems everyone believes cardio training is necessary for health. I'd like to examine the proposed benefits of cardio in-depth. Let's start with the most important reason: heart health. From there, we'll move on more generally to training, fitness, burning fat, and overall health. In terms of heart health, let's back up a moment and look at the human body from the perspective of evolution. For survival, the hearts of early human beings needed to be able to power them to do a few things. These early humans needed to walk long distances to find food, carry water from the stream, or build homes, and they also need to be able to escape the immediate danger of predators.

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National Leaders In Heart Transplantation And Heart Failure Join Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute

The California Heart Center, the cardiology group that developed the nation's largest heart transplant program, has joined the Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute and Cedars-Sinai Medical Care Foundation. The California Heart Center physicians, who are nationally and internationally regarded for their expertise in treating advanced heart failure, are moving from UCLA to assume leadership roles at the Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute. Their group, which will remain in private practice, will also become part of the Cedars-Sinai Medical Care Foundation. The group is led by Jon Kobashigawa, M.D., a past president of the International Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation who has authored more than 200 scientific manuscripts.

Aerobic Exercise in the Martial Arts

Aerobic exercise - an important training tool for martial artists. Generally, physical activity is safe for most people. In some cases it is important to get an from your Doctor before you exercise. If you have health issues or are over 45 years of age and want to take martial arts classes, see your Doctor before signing up. Taekwondo training offers an excellent aerobic workout. This martial art emphasizes kicking techniques as well as punching techniques. Kicking is 70% and punching is 30% of the typical Taekwondo workout. During my 28 years in the martial arts and my association with Olympic class Taekwondo athletes, aerobic exercise is paramount to a solid training regimen.

Life's Simple 7 Measures For Healthy Heart

The American Heart Association (AHA) has for the first time defined "ideal cardiovascular health" and linked it to seven simple measures ("Life's Simple 7") that people can influence through diet and lifestyle changes to move from poor and intermediate to ideal health. Details of the seven health factors and lifestyle behaviors were published online before print on 20 January in Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association in an AHA scientific statement about the new goals for defining and setting national goals for cardivascular health and disease prevention. Lead author Donald M. Lloyd-Jones, chair of the Department of Preventive Medicine and associate professor of Preventive Medicine and Medicine at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago, said that improvements in the seven health factors and lifestyle behaviors can greatly affect quality of life and life span, as well as dramatically reduce the financial burden of the Medicare-eligible population.

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Indoor Cycling Routines - How to Get the Most From Your Workout

If you like to cycle indoors, whether by a group cycling class or on a stationary bike, one thing is certain. You are the only one in charge of your workout. No matter what encouraging and motivational words the instructor may be saying, you are the one responsible for making the effort. Here's how to get the most from your indoor cycling routines... Vary Your Workouts One of the most common complaints about indoor cycling is the boredom factor. Undoubtedly, simply peddling a bike at the same pace would put anyone to sleep! Fortunately, there's an easy solution. The key to getting fit, really fit, is to continually challenge your muscles and cardiovascular capacity.

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