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Elliptical Trainer Exercise Fights Winter Blues Or SAD

Great--it's winter already and the weather's changed, so much for the "runner's high" you love in the warmer months! Your disdain for the loss of blue skies and the return of cold, dreary weather can't be denied. Your smile has a price tag: that glowing orb of warmth and joy that seems content to hide behind a dreadful blanket of rain clouds. The winter blues can be really serious business for some folks. If you're reading this article, you may or may not be aware that exercise and diet are two of the biggest ways to fight off the winter blues. That's why elliptical trainer exercise is the way to go. If you suffer from SAD (seasonal affective disorder), you may know that light therapy and Vitamin D supplementation has been shown in various studies to counter the disease.

Extreme Fat Burn - The Best Cardio Workout to Burn Fat!

As a strength and conditioning specialist I always get asked about what the most effective way to train the body for fat loss involves. The truth is that the more intense the workout the better. You see if you engage in movements, lifts, and exercises to elevate your heart rate and significantly raise your level of perceived exertion you will lose the belly fat, period! This is why I am a big fan of kettlebell training. You see with kettlebell training you integrate the use of hundreds of your muscles at once and quickly elevate your level of perceived exertion. The great thing is that you can easily cover and involve both of the major bodily movements into your workouts consisting of the push and pull motions.

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Cardiovascular Complexes

Another aspect of cardiovascular exercise that has been gaining popularity in recent years is that of complexes. Complexes are related sets of strength training exercises. They usually work the same or similar muscle groups but can be specialized to work alternating muscle groups to achieve different results. Complexes can be highly effective but they also border on more advanced exercise techniques. Beginners should start with more simple exercise programs and work up to complex exercise programs. It should be noted that a workout made up of complexes can be extremely difficult even for seasoned athletes. To give you a better idea of how a complex workout is set up I will offer an example.

Technology Partnerships Bring Nursing Care To Inner-City Baltimore

Congestive heart failure (CHF) patients in Baltimore City will be using a new FDA-approved electronic health monitoring device to help manage their heart disease at home as part of a new Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing (JHUSON) study. With funding from the National Institutes of Health, lead investigator and associate professor Patricia Abbott, PhD, RN, will measure whether having an Intel Health Guide-which allows patients to monitor their conditions, participate in learning modules, and connect with clinicians online-in CHF patients' homes can improve their health. "We need to find ways to reach the medically underserved, and I think technology is one way that we can begin to build those bridges, " says Abbott.

3 Cardio Workouts to Lose 10 Pounds Fast

Cardio workouts are one of the best ways to lose weight and to do it quickly. Cardiovascular exercises simply burn a lot of calories and are one of the back-bones of any successful weight loss process. However, cardio workouts aren't all the same in terms of effectiveness. If you want to get the best results for your time, you need to make sure you do some workouts more than others. Let's say you want to drop 10 lbs, wouldn't you'd rather achieve this in a month than two? Unless you do the right workouts, you will end up wasting a lot of time and effort. Here are 3 cardio workouts to lose 10 pounds fast: 1. Kickboxing classes - If you want to really break a sweat and have a lot of fun doing it, join a kickboxing class.

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Robotic Helping Hand Surgery On Beating Heart

If you've been waiting for the day to arrive when computers actually start performing surgery, that moment might soon be upon us. A French team has developed a computerized 3D model that allows surgeons to use robotics to operate on a beating heart, according to a report in The International Journal of Robotics Research, published by SAGE. The robotic technology predicts the movement of the heart as it beats, enabling the surgical tools to move in concert with each beat. It means that the surgeon can perform a procedure as if the heart was stationary. This development could be very important for millions of patients who require less invasive surgical heart procedures, where stopping the heart from beating would cause unnecessary risk.

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