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With Amino Acid Diet, Mice Improve After Brain Injury

Neurology researchers have shown that feeding amino acids to brain-injured animals restores their cognitive abilities and may set the stage for the first effective treatment for cognitive impairments suffered by people with traumatic brain injuries. "We have shown in an animal model that dietary intervention can restore a proper balance of neurochemicals in the injured part of the brain, and simultaneously improves cognitive performance, " said study leader Akiva S. Cohen, Ph.D., a neuroscientist at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. The study appears today in the online issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. If these results in mice can be translated to human medicine, there would be a broad clinical benefit.

The Lowdown on ADHD

For a very long time, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD was believed to be a condition that only affected children, especially young boys who tended to be rowdy and uncontrollable. However, recent trends have changed this perception and are actually leading to new ideas formed, including one that asserts that people never outgrow ADHD. This means even adults can have the condition with probably no one bothering to acknowledge it. The hyperactivity dimension of the illness may wane towards adulthood, but the more essential symptoms rarely do. In fact, hyperactivity may simply take another form and manifest as being too impulsive.

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Nurses Welcome New Strategy For Mental Health

Responding to the launch of the cross-government strategy on mental health and wellbeing, New Horizons, Dr Peter Carter, Chief Executive & General Secretary of the Royal College of Nursing (RCN), welcomed the breadth of vision contained in the strategy. He said: "Organisations and people often shy away from dealing with mental health issues, however this strategy makes it everybody's business. Bringing mental health and wellbeing into the mainstream is the right thing to do and will help thousands of people each year. This historic and ambitious announcement means that all government initiatives, whether it is building new homes or employing school nurses, must pay attention to the consequences for mental wellbeing.

Brain Nutrients and AlpineV

In his informative internet article, 'What is - Sea Buckthorn, Sandthorn, and its History?" Researcher Michael Derrida had this to say: "Biological studies suggest that the restorative action of the Sea Buckthorn (Sandthorn) may be in part due to its high content of essential fatty acids [and] tocopherols... the EFA content in the Sea Buckthorn (or Sandthorn) extract is 80-95 per cent. Major EFAs are oleic and linoleic. Others are pentadecenoic, palmitoleic, heptadecenoic, linolenic, eicosenoic, eicosadienoic, erucic and nervonic... Tocopherols are represented vitamin E [and its 8 different components]." Now all of these in various amounts are found throughout the brain and nervous tissues, including other vital organs such as eyes, heart, and liver.

ADD Natural Remedy

ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), as the name suggests, implies a person or child having problems being attentive. A person afflicted with this disorder is usually inattentive and hyper active. They have problems concentrating and this leads to behavioral problems too. There are many conventional remedies for ADD but non-conventional methods of treatment, like ADD natural remedy, are gaining ground. The first natural remedy for ADD is a healthy diet. Changes in diet have been found to be beneficial for persons afflicted with ADD. Foods that are rich in sugar tend to make a person hyper active which in turn is bad for persons with ADD, hence foods that are low in sugar are advised for patients with ADD.

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ADD Natural Treatments

People with ADD try a lot of medicines without understanding the long-term repercussions of using such medicines. Most of these medicines use chemicals that have a lot of side effects and long-term effects. Long-term usage of these conventional medicines can create long lasting neurological problems for the patient. Hence ADD natural treatments are the way forward. There are many ADD natural treatments and the foremost is dietary changes. A little change in the dietary pattern of an ADD individual can get good rewards. Decrease in foods that have high sugar content is beneficial to the patient. ADD patients can consume fruits and vegetables, whole grains, cereals, fish etc.

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