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Bipolar Depressive Disorder - Effectively Dealing With the Condition in a Child

It is not often that you find this condition in children, but it is not impossible either. You should particularly be watchful of your child if you suffer from bipolar disorder yourself, or any other type of depression for that matter. It has been proven by research that children are genetically linked to their parents in more ways than just looks. When a parent has suffered from depression of any kind before, the child is automatically susceptible due to genetics. This was proven by experiments carried out on identical and fraternal twins. Upward of 75 percent of the time, when one identical twin had symptoms of the condition, the other twin has it too - they share the same DNA, you know.

Afraid of Becoming Dependent on Therapy

"Becoming dependent" is one of the common anxieties that adults bring to psychotherapy. It feels at odds with their adult character to risk making themselves vulnerable or to cling to another person... especially a near stranger like a recently met therapist... for support or guidance. North American culture is individualistic. The cultural ideal for adulthood is self-sufficiency and self containment. The masculine ideal is the "strong silent type", the man who is capable of pulling himself up by his own bootstraps. The cultural ideal for women may permit a bit more feeling communication but the modern North American "ideal woman" is also courageous, strong and autonomous.

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Is ADHD Hereditary Or Caused by Other Factors?

Is ADHD Hereditary? Are you blaming yourself because you have read that ADHD could be a hereditary condition that you have passed on to your child or that perhaps you have inherited? Let's get some facts clear such as ADHD causes, which may be affected, but are not caused by environmental influences like; TV, video games, sugar, food allergies, awful parenting, terrible schools or teaching. Some of these influences, like sugar, can make the symptoms more noticeable or worse but does not cause ADHD. Is ADHD hereditary? Researchers have recognized that certain factors can play a role. If during pregnancy the mother is using drugs or the fetus is exposed to toxins, then yes, issues of damage to the genetics of a developing child probably can and does play a role.

Children With Attention Deficit Disorder Symptoms

Attention Deficit Disorder symptoms or sometimes known either as ADD or ADHD is common among children as early as during their infancy. The majority of these cases however is most apparent in children from the ages of 7 and above. Parents of children who suspect their child of having ADD/ADHD are often given the shocking news when the diagnosis comes out as being negative. What this means is that parents often only bring their children for professional help when they have a strong suspicion that their child is suffering from this disorder. Most parents are well-versed with the Attention Deficit Disorder symptoms especially among those who are well-educated.

Overcoming Emotional Behavioral Disorder EBD

Childhood is among the most important part of a human being's life. It is during this crucial stage where children are said to have the most fun. However, having said that, it is also not without obstacles and situations. Medical conditions such Emotional Behavioral Disorder or EBD is a disorder that affects young children and also sometimes referred to as disorder among today's children and this is also termed as a form of disruptive behavior. Still, this does not equate to all forms of disruptive behavior falling into the category of being EBD. Loosely speaking, EBD is a mixture of both mental as well as emotional health issues. It causes those affected to endure a host of personal as well as social problems among others.

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How to Optimize Brain Function

You brain controls all aspects of your life. How you move, what you think, how you react, your happiness and so on originates in your brain. By optimizing your brain, you can optimize all aspects of your life. The problem, of course, is the black box that is your brain. Until very recently, even the brightest mind in the world had no idea how the brain worked. In fact, most insisted genetics play a dominant role in determining your brain function and that no other factor have any influence. Now we know better. We know there are things you can do to do anything from improving memory, thinking better, increase your analytical skills, better your concentration and manage depression.

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